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Sunday, January 01, 2006

School Rumble OVA 2

Once again, I will do the same thing that I did with the previous episode. This OVA has 3 side stories that occured during the series along with a caveman story. I really liked the beginning one with Yoshidayama trying to get on Harima's good side and try to trump him for power when he noticed that he's being soft lately but Harima still has tough side though. The next one is very funny as Lala and Karen work at a WAS burger which Lala had some trouble showing a caring aura and not beating up the customers (or maybe just Imadori). The caveman story was a bit fuuny when they kept mentioning modern things but it wasn't too great. The one odd part about it was that Harima still had his sunglasses (including his children in his dream sequence). The last one has Harima and Yamuko doing some artwork for his manga in candlelight. This story has a tie-in with the previous OVA episode with the ghost girl. The credits at the end were different from the usual ones with chibi versions of the School Rumble girls and doing things with a backdrop of the guys in various outfits. Usually, the girls are in the backdrop while chibi Harima is doing various things.

Overall, the OVAs were good overall especially the ones that were supposed to be funny. Let's see if they keep the animation quality in the second season in April which I guess that the first episode will be the Culture Festival from the "preview" of episode 26 and this episode. I would like to see a new OP and ED for the second season but it's good to see that there will be a second season after all. Until April, long live the School Rumble.


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