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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Shuffle 21

Rin gives Primula his attempt of making eggs as Kaede is in her room all depressed. She wants to wait for Kaede to come down before eating the eggs. Rin tries to get Kaede to go to school but he couldn't and leaves for school. He meets with Sia and Nerine which they are concerned about Kaede but Rin hasn't told them everything about Kaede. During class, he remembers the conversation between him and Kaede after he said that he wanted to leave the house. Kaede tries to get Rin to stay and wonders if it was Asa but it wasn't. She wants to be happy by taking care of Rin but he realizes it isn't ok like this. During lunch, Asa sits down with Rin and gives him lunch since he's been eating soba and bread lately. She asks him about Kaede's true condition which he tells her that it's his fault. He realizes that he wasted Kaede's time and realized that he couldn't on like this anymore with her. Rin looks at apartment listings to find a cheap apartment when Sia and Nerine noticed him which they realized that Rin is planning to move. Primula goes to Kaede's room to see that Kaede is gone. Rin tells Sia and Nerine about his moving out plans which they are concerned about him living by himself. He realizes that they had a fake happiness as they were stuck in the same spot in the past. She felt guilty for the things she did to Rin while he was scared of her losing her will to live again. By being with Sia and Nerine, he realized that he couldn't allowed things to continue like that and take a step forward. Asa is picking out flowers for Kaede and initially decided against it but she changes her mind. Primula meets with Rin, Sia, and Nerine and says that Kaede has disappeared. Kaede is overlooking a bridge which Asa runs into her.

Asa and Kaede begin to talk when it began to rain. Asa tells her that she knows what's going on which Kaede tells her that she can't go on as she wanted to atone for her crime by taking care of Rin. She wanted to take care of Rin because she loved him and thought she would be forgiven by him if she took care of him. Kaede can't forgive herself which she thinks it's only natural that he chose Asa over her. Asa says that she was sorry but Kaede tells her that's ok as he chose by himself. Kaede decided to always love Rin while she will make him not love her and realized that Asa fell in love with Rin by herself. She asks Asa to let Rin become happy along with that to allow her to continue to love Rin forever. They both know that they are selfish and apologize to each other. Rin and the others continue their search for Kaede until Rin sees her walking on the street. She tells Rin that Asa will be taking care of him now and doesn't want Rin to say that he likes Asa. He tells her anyway because it's necessary for Kaede to hear it. He continues to say that Kaede's an important person to him as well and couldn't hate her but doesn't love her like he does with Asa but he still loves her. She tries to make him not to love him but he embraces her as she cries in the rain. The sun comes out and they walked their own seperate paths. Kaede returns home as Primula tried to make some stew for her even though it was a mess but it made Kaede happy though. Asa and Rin talked to each other on a hill which Asa tells him that she couldn't believe that Kaede hated Rin once. She remember the time when she asked Kaede about her reason to join the cooking club which she wanted to please the person she had caused him harm and also that person kept her alive. Asa always wanted to know the history between them which Rin wanted her to know. Rin tells Asa that he loves her and asks her to be his girlfriend. She asks him if being hated by Kaede was painful which it was as he wanted to protect Kaede. Asa thinks that Rin is strong which reminds her of her mother and wants Rin to protect her. She kisses Rin to make it official.

This episode was rather emotional as Kaede has two emotional conversations with Asa and then with Rin. They both managed to get Kaede to accept their relationship along mending their own individual relationships with her. I really liked they muted the colors in this episode when Kaede wasn't ok. Once Kaede became much better, the colors returned along with the sun beating out the rain. In the end, Rin and Asa have finally became an official couple. I wonder how Sia and Nerine will deal with it as they have to marry Rin because of their fathers. The next episode will deal with Rin moving out along with his new relationship with Asa.


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