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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Shuffle 22

Asa smacks Rin's back as usual on their way to school which the other male students do so because he hated him for having Sia as a girlfriend. During class, Rin waves to Asa which he gets into trouble with Beni who makes him write a 20-page essay by tomorrow. During lunch, he talks to Midoriba and Mayumi which they are happy about him being with Asa even though Mayumi wanted to see the confession. Midoriba says that romance isn't only for one person or everyone at once and that he liked how Rin managed to pick Asa by himself. Then he goes off saying that he can love everyone equally and that he will have a harem with Sia, Nerine, Kareha, and Kaede but no Mayumi which he said that never accept girls with small busts in his harems and gets a knockout punch from Mayumi. Sia wanted Rin to go back home with her but he's meeting with the real estate agent today. Then she asked Nerine but she's going to try out for the announcement club today which Rin wants her to sing over the PA for lunch. Sia decided to train to be a girl better than Nerine and Asa which Kikyou decided to help her as well. Kaede was packing some of Rin's clothes when Primula has her to taste some of her cooking and wants her to teach her. Sia was making some cookies which one side was burned but it tasted good. Sia realizes that her race allows polygamy and wants to continue to get Rin. Her father wanted her to cry on her but he gets a chair for his efforts. Rin and Asa entered his new apartment which cost 15,000 yen a month which has no bathroom, the apartment is tattered, and that has a public washroom.

Rin finishes up packing the rest of his room when Kaede came in which she tells him that the room won't change so he can come back if he wants to do. He tells her that he's thankful that he was able to live this house and thanks her with the bottom of the heart which she does the same. Then she starts telling things to do around the house which makes her cry. Kaede and the others have a party for Rin having a new life. Nerine's and Sia's father continue to get their daughters fighting for Rin which Nerine gave Rin some omelletes while Sia some cookies. They decided to improve their skills in baking and cookings. Then Sia's father was drunk and tried to give Sia away already which she hit him with a chair while Kiykou tried to seduce Rin. Primula forced her off of Rin by her power. Then her father wakes up which he gets another chair and got frozen by Primula. Asa tries to lift up a TV in Rin's new place which Rin tried to help but she refuse his help and managed to lift up the TV. Sia, Mayumi, and Midoriba arrived to help and brought along Nerine who's in a maid outfit because of her father. Midoriba made Primula wear a cat maid outfit. All of them helped clean and move Rin's place. Afterwards, Asa talks to Kareha at her job while Rin is at the real estate office. Then they are going to buy stuff for the apartment. Kareha tells Asa that she likes Rin which Asa wanted her not to go after him but she tells her about polygamy. Rin and Asa were heading back when she wanted him to call her by her name not Asa-senpai. Rin has a hard time calling Asa by her name but he settles with Asa-san. They watched the sunset from the apartment which they are happy about being together and were about to kiss when Asa suddenly collasped. He calls out to her but he gets no reply back.

It seem that the happy times came back with Rin moving into his new apartment and Kaede being happy about it as she has Primula to take care of. The happy times were short as Asa suddenly collaspes. It seems that her condition has gotten worse again. I like the part with Midoriba's harem along with the part when Sia's father got hit with the chair and frozen by Sia and Primula. The next episode has Rin dealing with Asa's condtion and maybe some backstory of Asa.


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