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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Shuffle 23

Asa's condition has gotten worse and the doctors have never seen her condition before. Rin asks them about the seriousness of the condition which they have no idea when Ama shows up to be by her daughter. Ama and Rin talked to the head doctor about Asa's condition which Rin begs for the doctor to do something since they don't know how to proceed. Ama and Rin talked alone which she thanks Rin for bringing her to the hosiptal and asks him once again if he likes her which he says that he loves her. She asks Rin about the Yggdrasil project which he knows. She takes off her hat to reveal her demon ears and tells him that she's the first test subject of the project because she had no family in the demon world. When they thought that she died, she actually got sent to the human world all bloody and weaken. She came across the person who would be Asa's father and is the person who made Ama into the person that she is today. Asa is a human and not a demon but she has the strengthen magical powers of Ama. Asa wakes up to see Rin next to her and tries to get up but went back down. Ama continues to explain that Asa's magic is growing at an overflowing rate but her human can't stand the pressure. The only way to save her is to reduce the amount of magic in her body. Rin asks Asa to use her magic but she refuses to do so. After arguing, Asa started to cough for a little bit which makes Rin to summon the nurses. Kaede, Primula, and Kareha visited the hositpal and talked to Rin for a little bit. Kaede tells Rin not to overwork himself and look after Asa. They decided to leave since visiting hours are over and give him flowers to give to her. Kareha tells Rin that he's only the only one who can save Asa and has something that only he can do.

Rin overheads a couple of nurses talking about Asa's condition and wonder what they can do to improve her condition. He gives Asa some juice boxes and asks her again to use magic again. She refuses and tells him that Asa-senpai is forbidden. Sia and Nerine gave Rin a box of grape to give to Asa. She's worried that Rin is missing too much school since it's been three days but Ama explain to the school that he has permission to visit and was going to take a break after moving anyway. She wanted to cook in his apartment and asks him what to eat once she gets out of the hositpal. Asa believes that she won't die if she doesn't use magic because she has dreams as she wants him to go to the place where he confessed when they are really old. She tries to open the present but can't get the ribbon opened and asks Rin to get something to cut it. While Rin asks the nurse for a knife, Asa's condition has gotten worse and only her will to live is the only thing that might keep her alive. Ama leaves the room which makes Rin mad at her saying that she isn't worried about Asa which is far from the truth. Ama wanted to switch places with Asa so she will live but she realizes that Rin is the person that Asa needs and that he's the only person who can save her. Rin asks Asa why she doesn't want to use magic which she starts with the event where she got mad at Ama for being born with this body. Ama revealed her ears to Asa and cried in front of Asa that she was sorry for being her mother. She decided at that day that she's a human who doesn't have demon blood and doesn't want to make her mother sad ever again. Rin was getting some juice when he remembers images of Asa being in pain and doesn't know what to do. Asa heards Rin talking in his sleep saying that he doesn't know what to do. Asa decides to leave her room even though her body is at her limit. Rin wakes up to see that Asa left her room and tries to find her.

This was a really sad episode as Rin stuggles to figure out what's the only thing that he can do to save Asa who refuses to use her magic. At least we know the reason why Asa refused to have magic used on her as she wants to keep her humanity and doesn't want to be a demon even though it's the only thing that can saved her at this point. I didn't expect that Ama was a demon herself as I just thought that she wore the hat as her own fashion not to hide her ears. The final episode has Rin still trying to save Asa's life from her own magic.


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