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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Sousei no Aquarion 23

The Commander talks to Apollo near a waterfall and writes the kanji for dream. He tells him that humans shouldn't lose their dreams since without them, life has no meaning and that it's hard to live by their dream. When you combined person with dream, it becomes transient. The Commander says to Apollo that both he and Sirius are transient and that only his hand has the ability to choose their dream. Glen's abilities were increased ten times because of the feather implantation which also increased his senses to the point that it drove him mad. To counter this effect, they put a sensitivity inhibitor on him. The other Elements were shocked and appuladed by Glen's sudden change except for the Vice-Commander who thinks it's a good thing as it allows only one pilot to control the Assualt Aquarion with two unmanned units. Glen and Sirius began to fight which Glen shows that he can seperate easily and reunited under 0.2 seconds. Lihua wonders why Glen and Sirius has to fight since they were friends at one point. Glen gives a very powerful blast to Sirius which produce a mushroom cloud. Ortha cries on Toma as she realizes that the humans used Futaba's feathers on Glen and licks Toma's own tears. Glen emerges from the rubble which the Vice-Commander thinks with ten of them that they can win the battle but the Commander thinks otherwise. Sirius is still alive with most of the Kelbeim destroyed and tries to reach out to Silvia. She somehow activiates the teleport change and switches with one of the unmanned units. She takes control of one of the Assault Vectors and heads towards Sirius.

The Vice-Commander orders Glen to shoot down Silvia while Orthu asks Toma if Sirius can back Silvia which he said he will. Sirius manages to disable Glen along with the other unmanned Assault Vector. Apollo manages to get Sol Vector repaired and forces an Emergency Union with Lihua and Silvia to become Angel Aquarion. Sirius manages to get another Kelbeim soldier to become Mars Kelbeim again. He pleads with Silvia to come with him once again while Apollo and Lihua tried to make her stay with them. He forces Silvia's feathers to come out which everyone else sees and shocks the Vice-Commander as he thought they weren't Shadow Angels. The Commander mentions that dreams is the only thing that can surpass fate itself. Sirius extends his hand to Silvia who almost takes it but Apollo stops her. Apollo tells them that he can grasp his dream without flying which Sirius calls him a fool for saying that. Silvia pulls her left hand back as she realizes that her right hand is not for Sirius but for her most important person. Sirius charges at Silvia which she decides to fight in order to get him to understand each other once again. Silvia uses the Angel Sword of Sorrow attack to defeat Sirius who retreats soon afterwards. Jun examines the unmanned pod and sees Futaba's feather as the control center. Sirius talks to Toma who says that he will get Silvia to come with him next time they meet.

So even with Glen's newfound power, it wasn't enough to defeat Sirius as Silvia's interference cost him the battle. Silvia stays with Apollo and the others as she sees Sirius lost his way and considers humans to be trash. She even admits her love to Apollo during the battle which was nice and about time. It seems that the next episode will step back for a little bit before the final two episodes as it deals with Tsugumi.


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