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Sunday, January 01, 2006

Suzuka 25

(Manga Chapters: 67-70)

Ayano asks Megumi where Suzuka and Yamato was but she didn't know. Saotome joined in the conversation saying that Suzuka burst out of Yamato's room earlier which Megumi thinks that Yamato went out to find her. Miho mentions that Yamato was acting a little bit odd but the four of them aren't worry about it. Sakurai gets out of the bath and thought about calling Yamato but she doesn't because of Suzuka. Meanwhile, Suzuka sits on the shrine steps and remembering the day before Kazuki's death. She talks to her sister about Kazuki going to the Nationals which her sister brings up the subject that she likes Suzuka and makes fun of her for it. The next day, she gets a phone call from Miyamoto that Kazuki died in a traffic accident. Suzuka attends Kazuki's funeral which she couldn't cry over his death while everyone was crying including Miyamoto. She voluteered to get Kazuki's belongings in the team office which she notices the writing on the table which she caught Kazuki one day. She drew an arrow with a heart on it between their names as she cried as she couldn't answer him now. It goes back to the present as she says that she doesn't want him to build up hope.

Sakurai goes out to get some pencil lead when she notices Suzuka sitting on the stairs and asks her what's wrong. Sakurai tries to make some small talk to Suzuka about the Kantou meet which Suzuka gets depressed and tries to go home but Sakurai asks if anything happen between her and Yamato. Suzuka tries to deny it but Sakurai mentions that she likes Yamato which made Suzuka silent. Suzuka tells her that she thinks of Yamato as a friend but Sakurai calls her a liar as she runs away from the important issues. She continues on saying that her attitude has caused so much trouble for everyone which Suzuka doesn't realize that she has an influence on people. Sakurai mentions that she caused trouble to her and Yamato as she can't get a clear answer to Yamato and could answer him at any time. Suzuka says that she doesn't understand how she feels when the person they loved passed away which Sakurai said doesn't understand but she understands how she feels when the person she loved is stolen away. Sakurai tells Suzuka to go Yamato and tell him how she feels but she runs off. A few seconds later, Yamato shows up behind Sakurai which she tells him the direction that she went in. Suzuka sits on another set of stairs at the park which she would rather have nothing to begin with than go through what she experience with Kazuki. She decides to apologize to Yamato tomorrow as it begins to rain. Yamato found Suzuka and asks her to go home with him but she runs off. Yamato catches up to her as Suzuka falls down in her slippers and tries to help her up but she refuses. Suzuka starts to rant about how Yamato should leave her alone and hates him. Yamato tells her that she was worried about her which she begins to cry. She tells him that she doesn't want to experience love again and tries to walk away. Yamato grabs her arm (he had lots of practice with it) and tells her it's pointless to think of those things. Then he kisses Suzuka which she didn't like at all and slaps him six times in the face. She walks off as Yamato realizes that he really did it now. Ayano and the others think they have made up now but it was far from the case.

It seems that we finally got to the reason why Suzuka is the Ice Queen. She's just afraid to experience the pain and sadness that she felt with Kazuki. I really liked how Sakurai manages to bring it to Suzuka. She managed to stand up to her and tell it how it is and willing to give up Yamato to her. Then Yamato and Suzuka had their first kiss in the rain which is something Yamato shouldn't have done in the first place. Suzuka needs to realize that she need to accept the bad along with good. There is no such thing as the good only relationship. There will be bad times and just need to accept them. She would rather be lonely than to experience the joys and troubles of a relationship which is rather a sad fate to have. The final episode will Yamato and Suzuka going to Kazuki's grave together.


  • At 4:25 AM, Anonymous Problematic said…

    FIGHTO HONOKA-CHAN!!! Haha my favorite moment was when she told Suzuka straight up that she was being a pain-in-the-arse for everyone involved!

    I can't believe she slapped him like a million times! It nearly reduced me to tears since it was soooooo incredibly hilarious! Not that I didn't feel for the guy because it sounded like it hurt a lot! :P


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