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Monday, January 09, 2006

Suzuka 26 and Review

(Manga Chapters 71-72)

Before I explain why the episode is based off only two chapters from the manga, I'm going to give a quick summary of the episode without revealing the ending. The episode deals with the aftermath of the kiss between Yamato and Suzuka with them trying to deal with what happened and where to go on from there through their friends and each other. Now, there's a lot of original scenes in this episode because there wasn't another material to end the series at a good point. From about 6:09 to 14:28 is all original material which actually improves what comes after 14:28.

I very much enjoyed Suzuka throughout the series as it doesn't follow the normal romance stories with the delayed confessions and other romance clitches. Yamato wasn't indecisive in his choice in pursuing his relationship with Suzuka and Sakurai. He was rash with his decisions and even though he thought about how to say things but when actually saying those things, he let his heart take over not his head. Suzuka is known as the Ice Queen. She's usually angry at Yamato for being careless or not trying hard enough about something. She doesn't express her own feelings to people because of what happened with Kazuki who she couldn't give an answer to his confession before his death. She couldn't move past that point in life and thus she tended to run away from love and causing pain to Yamato and Sakurai because she couldn't give a clear answer to Yamato. Sakurai had the most transformation as a character in the series. She started out shy to begin with as she tried to get closer to Yamato. She continued to work at her goal until she managed to get him with a kiss. Even though she was with Yamato, she knew that he still like Suzuka who had rejected him in the past. She gave up on Yamato because of that reason but she still liked him. She thought she could become more sure of herself that she would be able to get over that feeling of being unsecure that Suzuka will steal Yamato away from her. Eventually, she realized that wasn't the right to go and decided to follow her own path. She even stood up to the Ice Queen and set her straight.

The supporting cast was always there to give Yamato, Suzuka, and/or Sakurai advice if they wanted it or not. You have Hattori who seem to give good advice about how to get girls but falls short afterwards with his "let's get them into bed advice." He's actually worse with that in the manga but I won't explain why though. It's somewhat funny to see it for yourself. Miki acts like a counter Hattori and helps out both Yamato and Suzuka. Somehow she may have a crush on Yamato which she would deny but at least, Yamato didn't try to chase after her. Then there was Nana who mostly helped Sakurai to deal with Yamato but she did try to help Yamato by revealing his faults as a boyfriend to Sakurai. For the most part, she's looking after Sakurai's interest because she's the only one who treated her as a normal person. Also in the manga, she even helped Sakurai getting her mind off of Yamato.

Overall, the series is quite good with how relationships are dealt with in real life. It did have some comedy in it but at least it was good at most times. The dramatic moments really did their job as you really felt for the characters as they experienced what's happening to them during the scene. The music really did a good job portraying the mood in the scene. I liked the OP song but I didn't like either of the ED songs. The only part I would complain about is the track and field segments. They just slow down the story and didn't make things seem interesting at all. Once the attention was divert away from track, things got interesting again. At least, they didn't keep going back to Yamato's job at the bathhouse which was a good move on the creator's part. Also, I want to say that I didn't notice the quality of animation as some bloggers have noticed but it's probably most likely that I was so into the story.

The ending was good with a little bit open-endness. It left the story off feeling good for the characters without any character really feeling bad at the end. I decided to blog the Suzuka manga which continues the story at chapter 73. I should warn you that you need to read the entire manga because there are some extra story elements that didn't make it into the anime and also some situations were different in the manga. I give Suzuka a 5 out of 5.


  • At 2:31 AM, Anonymous Problematic said…

    BTW Awesome review! :D

    I have to agree with you there where this series doesn't follow the trends of regular love stories. I was alluded to this anime in hopes of more sports action, yet I received a love story instead. I guess I can't complain much since I stuck with it.

    Yet Suzuka never showed her true feelings to anyone, since it was portrayed during the flashback with her sister. It's just her personality to hold things back, which in fact is her biggest flaw.

    I beg to differ, the sports scene are what made this anime for me in most parts. I just couldn't get enough of it, since I wanted more. The adrenaline and rush one feels when they watch someone acheive their goal is simply fantastic! LOL

    Also I loved the second ending to Suzuka! When the CD or whatnot comes out, I am totally downloading or buying it. :D

  • At 1:57 PM, Anonymous Kabitzin said…

    Agreed, thank goodness there was not more made of the bathhouse job. I look forward to reading your posts about the manga!


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