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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Suzuka Manga Chapter 73

Before I started the summary, I should warn you about a few things. There are differences between the anime version and the manga. So there are scenes that didn't make it into the anime (mostly involving Sakurai). Also, some scenes were changed probably because it would make it R-15 in Japan for the most point (nudity mostly and some sexual dialogue and items.) So basically read the manga before reading this because I'm going to refer things in the manga which probably confuse the anime-only readers. Finally, there aren't going to be any pictures since what I have is extremely low quality. I'm not going to put low quality pictures in the posts. So, let's begin the summary shall we.

It's the day before midterms and track practice is cancelled for them to study for the midterms. Yamato wanted to walk home with Suzuka who is his girlfriend now but Suzuka walked off with another friend saying that she had to do something. Hattori tries to get Yamato to go karaoking with him who already had a few girls going with him as well. Yamato thinks that Suzuka is acting this way because of her personality and decides to go home. He sits at the stairs at the apartment complex thinking where was Suzuka and was about to head back to his room where he sees Suzuka coming back. He tries to ask why she was so late but she yells at him saying that she was sorry about it. During dinner, Suzuka didn't showed up for dinner which Ayano asks Yamato if they got into a fight again. He goes back to his room and check his phone for any messages which he had three of them from Suzuka. Basically, she was embarrassed at school and wanted to wait for him at the station to go home together which she got annoyed at him after waiting for two hours. He starts banging on the wood board covering the hole between his room and Suzuka (I'll explain afterwards). He tells her that he's sorry and that he thought she didn't want him to walk together and went home first but he wanted to walk home together with her. She tells him that she doesn't care and that he's an idiot. A few hours later, she notices that it became quiet all of a sudden and decided to open up the hole in the wall. She sees that Yamato fell asleep and decides to message him telling that wait for her tomorrow morning.

Basically you have Yamato and Suzuka already having a misunderstanding which they managed to patch up (even though it took Yamato a few hours to get her to forgive him). As for the hole in the wall, it wasn't there in the anime as you should know but in the manga, it was there (kinda like the ceiling hole in Love Hina between Naru and Keitario). This hole came into play several times like when Suzuka asked Yamato about the breakup with Sakurai which she used the hole to ask him (she had the cutest expression when asking him though). It was a nice chapter to start off their newfound relationship together.


  • At 4:25 AM, Anonymous ZMAng said…

    Does the term Alice have a special meaning when it comes to special powers? I'd say this is already the second time the term Alice has been used, with Alice Gakuen as the first.

  • At 2:34 PM, Blogger Phoenix512 said…

    Alice has been used in anime before like in Clamp in Wonderland, Alice in Cyberland, Alice 19th, Magical Girl Squad - Alice, and Rozen Maiden to just name a few. There might be a few other series that involves Alice but if you think about it, there's been three "Alice" series within two years. So the Japanese have a thing for Alice. Also, I think the one thing that usually stays constant is the white rabbit or some form of the rabbit into the series. The white rabbit is probably the most common thing people assoicated with Alice in Wonderland.

  • At 3:48 PM, Anonymous enima said…

    hi! i'm very happy to know that there is the 73th chapter because , in france ( i'm in france), we think that the 26th is the last...where i can download the chapters after the 72 ? thx ;)


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