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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Suzuka Manga Chapter 74

At this point, Sakurai doesn't know about Yamato and Suzuka are going out now until she overheads Miki telling Hattori that she saw them holding hands together. Hattori doesn't believe this and insults Miki's eyesight for his disbelief. Sakurai decided to see this for herself and waited at the station but Hattori was there as well and talked to her. They both see Suzuka and Yamato holding hands which shocks Hattori but saddens Sakurai.

They went to a nearby restaurant and talked about what they just saw. She tells him that she knew that they would going out together one day which she can't interfere anymore. He asks her what she's going to do about the manager position which she says that she just can't quit now because it would trouble everyone. Hattori mentions that she will always find them being close together and it's a good thing that Yamato joined the club. Besides dating Suzuka, he's quite energetic these days. Hattori asks Sakurai about what she's going to do, is she content being a manager, and asks her if she can do anything else.

Sakurai goes to her room and thinks about what to do when Nana calls her. The reason why Nana calls her is that she wonder if she got the magazine that she sent to her recently. (If this part seems confusing to you, I'll explain this in a minute.) She tells Sakurai that there's a really cute picture of her on page 6 which she doesn't believe because her facial expressions were really stiff. The picture that she sees is the one that the photographer took secretly which Sakurai wasn't paying attention to the camera. The reaction after the magazine was released was huge as people wanted to know what entertainment group that Sakurai was a part of. She still couldn't believe Nana about the picture as she looked so cute in. Nana tells her that the photographer wants to dress her up and take a picture of her again which he mentions that she has the potential to be a star. After hearing those words, Sakurai decided to accept the offer since she's being praised like this. Nana thought she would refuse the request but Sakurai wants to find a place where she could shine the most just like Suzuka has with high jumping.

This chapter is all about Sakurai and basically the turning point for her character as she decides to move away from track and field and find her own path which might be modeling. Sakurai has done the one thing that Sailor Mars always want which is fame and fortune. This is probably the first time that Hattori has actually helped Sakurai for some advice and did a good thing for her. It was funny that the expression on his face when he saw Yamato and Suzuka going out. Alright, I'm going to explain the photo shoot. Mentar on various blogs have mentioned this event numerous times and now I'm going to explain it.

This event would have occured at episode 23 which Sakurai talks to Nana about Yamato but their conversation in the manga was much different. In chapter 62 of the manga, Nana asks Sakurai to come with her while she's working on a Sunday but what Sakurai doesn't know that she's being dragged to a photo shoot which a magazine is going to shoot Nana with her friends at a coffee shop on a Sunday. Since Nana doesn't really have any friends except for Sakurai. During the actual shoot was somewhat funny as well as Sakurai so nevrous that she had the most stiff expressions ever but the photographer notices that she has the cutest expressions when not looking at the camera. They have the conversation about Yamato at the base of some stairs near a beach before Nana had to pose for some pictures at a sunset. Sakurai tries to figure out what to do as she remembers Nana's words about she enjoys posing for pictures.

It's good for Sakurai to give up her love for Yamato and move on to something new and exciting. Giving up on a love is probably the hardest thing a person will ever have to do. It might mean that Sakurai won't be showing up as much but it's all about Suzuka not "Honoka" as some people want it to be.

Also, I'll probably do one entry per day until I run out of chapters which I have read. Right now, I'm at chapter 81 so you have at least 6-7 days of Suzuka chapters.


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