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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Suzuka Manga Chapter 75

Miyamoto talks to Suzuka about tomorrow's meet since the school hasn't been performing well recently. She says that she's in good condition for it which Yamato was reminded by it. Yamato and Suzuka were walking back home together which he tries to talk to Suzuka about practice but she was out of it. He tries to cheer her up with some food that he was willing to pay for but she decides that she wants to be alone for a while. Yamato thinks about what's wrong with Suzuka in his room and realizes that she wants to meet everyone's expectations. The next day, Suzuka asks Ayano and Miyo where Yamato was which they told her that he already left for the meet. Then Ayano and Miyo build some pressure on Suzuka to win since she's number one since the nationals which makes her not at ease.

At the meet, Miki tries to talk to Suzuka but the Ironman (the tanned guy, his name in Japanese means Ironman for now on, I refer to him as Ironman) stops her from talking to her since she's trying to focus by herself and basically distract her by talking to her. Miki wanted to ask her about Yamato when he shows up and starts talking to her. He mentions that he took the wrong bus and other things which makes Suzuka angry at him. She tells him that he should know how nervous she is and be considerate of her feelings but he realizes all of this. He knows that if he cheers harder that he will just increase the pressure on Suzuka but he wanted to do something more for her. So he got a charm at a nearby temple and gives it to her but he didn't get the reaction he expected from her. Suzuka calls him an idiot and asks him why she would want something like this which Yamato says that he isn't all that smart and that she's always hard to deal with and thought the charm would help her. Suzuka tells him that wasn't it but it's the charm itself as it says "Smooth child delivery" which shocks Yamato as he thought he got the one saying something like winning the meet. She mentions that having conversations with Yamato is nervous enough which he's happy that they are talking to each other at least. He tries to get the charm back so he can exchange but Suzuka decides to keep it so she can have a healthy child in the future. Yamato thought she was serious but she was joking and tells him thanks for the charm.

This chapter basically had Suzuka trying to deal with the pressure from Miyamoto, Ayano, Miyo, and the others which Yamato somehows manages to help her to deal with the pressure with the wrong charm. Only Yamato can screw up such an important thing like this but at Suzuka made it funny a little bit with her pseudo-serious joking which was the best point of the entire chapter. They still have problems talking to each other about their problems and might be a problem in the future.


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