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Friday, January 13, 2006

Suzuka Manga Chapter 76

Sakurai walks in the hallways of the school to hear that Suzuka got first place in the Kanto meet along with that she's cute and a good athlete. Later in the day, she tells Miyamoto that she will quit being the manager for the track team which all the male members going nuts as they have no motativation. Miki realizes that Sakurai was going to quit eventually while Yamato gets ragged on by the other male members because they think he did something to her again. Yamato thinks that she knows about him and Suzuka being together. Suzuka had to walk home alone today because Yamato had to do something which was apologizing to Sakurai at her house. While at the temple, he has doubts about apologizing and decides to pray before going home. He rings the bell which the bell breaks once again. Sakurai sees Yamato breaking it which he will fixed it once again. She tells him that she knows about him and Suzuka going out along with that she joined Nana's company as an idol. She tells him about the picture and the offer to do it more which she decided not to do something halfway. So she decided to quit as manager in order to do this with all of her heart. She continues to tell him that it was all with his help as she experienced things with him that it made her changed for the better. Yamato is pleased that she quit for her own reasons not because of him which he was too arrogant to think it was because of him. He tells her good luck in her new career. They make a secret about it just like the bell. Yamato sees Suzuka waiting for him at home which she denies that she was waiting for him. He tells her that he's back safe and sound which she still tells him that she wasn't waiting for him along with that they are having BBQ for dinner. He tells her good job which she asks him what does that mean.

This chapter basically ties up the loose ends with Sakurai and Yamato's relationship. Sakurai has decided to pursue the new career because she wants too but not because of Yamato. I think at this point that Sakurai won't be appearing as much since she will be doing her idol work and going to school. The Sakurai fans will cry and get angry like the male members of the track team but life goes on. Remember, the title of the series is called Suzuka not Honoka.


  • At 6:51 AM, Blogger Mentar said…

    True, but I'm still looking forward to the time when she reappears ;)


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