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Saturday, January 14, 2006

Suzuka Manga Chapter 77

Hattori tells Yamato that he and Miki knows about him and Suzuka going out which Yamato asks if he has a network of information. He tells him that he saw them holding hands along with to handle the relationship at his own pace. Yamato tells him that their relationship doesn't feel any differently than before which Hattori says that he can't imagine him and Suzuka as a couple. Then Yamato says that he should start calling Suzuka by her first name which Hattori doesn't like the idea but he won't stop him from doing it. Yamato feels uncomfortable with the idea of calling Suzuka by her first name and hasn't called any other girl except for his sister by their full name. So he decides to practice this with Miki which he had a hard time asking her to do this. At first, Miki was like confused of why he wanted to call her by her first name but she doesn't mind if he does. Then he explains to her that he wanted to start calling Suzuka by her first name and decided to practice on her which Miki didn't like it at all.

While walking home, Suzuka asks Yamato what he was talking about to Miki which he says that they were talking about their relationship. She thought that he told her about them but he tells her that Hattori has been spreading it around. He asks her if she didn't know want the others to know which she replies back that she doesn't mind as she thinks they aren't doing anything wrong. He still thinks that she will be embarrassed if he call her by her first name and tries to do it by talking about track. She asks him why he talking about this which he answered with that's the Asahina he knows. She wonders what's wrong with him which he asks her what she thinks that they are having for dinner with using her first name. She gets slightly embarrassed by it and tries to have normal conversation until Yamato snaps. He tells her that he can't call her by her first name since it's too embarrassing and decides to continue calling her Asahina. She didn't mind that if Yamato called her by her first name but he missed his chance.

This chapter might sound weird to most cultures since the Japanese usually call people by their last names. They only use the first names if they are very close to someone or sometimes, they use it to bring people down in terms of respect. I find it funny that Miki pinched Yamato after hearing reason why he wanted to call Miki by her first name. Yamato just needs to keep his mouth shut at certain times especially when talking to girls about Suzuka. She's the reason why he keeps getting into trouble with them. I loved how Suzuka just played around with Yamato at the end as she was willing to allow him to call her by her first name but he lost his chance at it. Another relationship problem solved between the two of them.


  • At 9:05 PM, Blogger Saria said…

    Hullo, not commenting on the Suzuka manga. I just started my own anime blog and no, I'm not going to beg to be linked to. I just wanted to thank you for giving me the idea of how to efficiently categorize the anime I watch. I searched far and wide on the web to find a suitable way of categorizing on Blogger but I kept finding complicated solutions. And then I visited your page and voila! I found the best solution: just make a post that contains all the episode entry links and then link to that post on your sidebar.

    Anyway, thanks a lot. You are also one of the anime blogs I frequent along with the others on my blogroll.

  • At 5:04 AM, Blogger Phoenix512 said…

    You could have used the Shoutbox to do this but that's ok. Well thank you for positive comments and nice to see that someone else has decided to use my category system. It just came to me one day and use it ever since.

    You have a nice site by the way and probably add you soon to my blogroll.


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