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Monday, January 16, 2006

Suzuka Manga Chapter 78

Hattori asks Yamato if he had done it yet with Suzuka which is an obvious no and mentions that they do the same thing everyday. He suggests that they should go out somewhere and that he maybe get a kiss if things go right. During track practice, Yamato thinks Hattori has a point but he's afraid that his attempt to kiss might be sexual assualt especially the last time he kissed. He doesn't want to start another argument with Suzuka since they haven't talked about what happened at that time but he decides to ask her to do something tomorrow. She likes the idea but she has something to do back at home which he thought she's going to the grave but it isn't the case. Yamato decides to drop it but Suzuka suggests that he could come with her to her house since he's not doing anything else. Then he suggests that he could meet her father which shocks her and tells him that it would be very quick for the thing she has do at home. He suggests that they could go look around Yokohama which she agrees with the idea.

The next day, Suzuka and Yamato are on the train to Yokohama which Yamato remembers telling Ayano that they would be eating out tonight which she tells them not to stay out too late. Then he remembers Hattori's words and wonders if he could kiss her tonight as he asks her where they should go tonight. She gets angry at him since he's supposed to be the one deciding but he doesn't know a thing about Yokohama. He brings up that she invited him to come but she counters that she only invited him to her house. He tries to suggest places to eat which just annoys Suzuka.

While waiting for Suzuka at her house, Yamato decides to find a place to go to afterwards. Then her older sister appears in front of him and decides to sic the dog on him for being a stalker as a joke. She knows about he and Suzuka going out and suggests that he shouldn't meet their father because he would kill him. Once again, she's joking and tells him that Suzuka talks about him on the phone and that she can be happy with him around. Also, she mentions that when Kazuki died that she became a dummy and didn't answer her messages along with that Suzuka really likes him but that was a joke. She tells him that Suzuka shows her arrogant and moody attitude to someone she likes. She leaves with the dog when Suzuka finally leaves the house. She asks Yamato what they were talking about which he said it was about the dog. Then she asks him if he had decided where to go which he didn't and gets mad at him but he just smiles at her.

First off, I should mention about the dog. It did make an appearance in the manga before when Yamato visits Suzuka's house the first time around. At that time, Suzuka's sister did sic the dog on Yamato for being a stalker. Of course, the anime didn't have the dog which my guess why was that it would ruin the seriousness of the mood when you see the dog biting on Yamato's head. Anyway, this chapter setups Yamato and Suzuka's first date which they go to Yokohama to stop at Suzuka's house. Yamato really hopes to advance their relationship under the suggestion of Hattori. The next chapter has them actually going around Yokohama which is funny but I won't explain why now.


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