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Monday, January 16, 2006

Suzuka Manga Chapter 79

Yamato tries to figure out where he and Suzuka should go in Yokohama but she keeps making excuses why a place isn't a good idea to go. Then she decides to take him around the city to show him some of her favorite places. She takes him to a mountain park even though she said she was tired of parks but she wanted to visit it with him. Then they noticed there are a bunch of tourists along with a band around and decided to visit the lookout tower instead which is under repair at the moment. She makes him go to Chinatown even though he suggested it earlier and tries to find a restaurant but could not (sounds familiar). Yamato mentions that she's angry at him but she tells him that she's not which he wonders what she would be like when really mad. She finds the restaurant but it was crowded. After eating, Suzuka wanted to go back home but Yamato wanted to go back to the park since the people may have left. She didn't want to but he insisted anyway which the park is empty now.

Yamato notices the beautiful scenery which Suzuka mentions that Yokohama has some of the most beautiful nighttime scenery. He mentions that he's glad that he came because he feels like that he and Suzuka are now a couple. She asks him what does he mean which he mentions about the kiss. He asks her if she's still angry about it which she counters of why he's bringing it up. He tells her that she hasn't brought it up, thought she disliked it, and felt he should have apologized for it. She tells him it's too embarrassing to talk about it. He tries to make her to forget it about it but she can't forget it and that if she disliked it, why she would be going out with him anyway. After that, there was a silence for a few moments and was about to kiss when a couple of lovers interrupted them. Suzuka and Yamato decided to head back home and called the lovers idiots for flirting in a place like this.

This chapter finishes Suzuka and Yamato's day in Yokohama where Suzuka plays the role of Yamato who usually gets lost of trying to find the place they want to go. It's nice to see that Suzuka doing a little role reserval and being clueless for once instead of Yamato. Towards the end of the day, Yamato finally knows that Suzuka has gotten over with what happened on the night of the kiss. In normal fashion, they were about to kiss again before getting interrupted by a couple of lovers. Hattori was almost right about Yamato getting a kiss but bad timing stopped it from happening. It was a good chapter as the relationship takes another step along with Suzuka getting lost in her own home city.


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