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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Suzuka Manga Chapter 80

Saotome and Megumi are talking about Yamato and Suzuka in the bath which Miho doesn't seem to be too pleased about the relationship. Ayano and Miho have dinner together without Yamato and Suzuka for the first time in a long while. Miho asks Ayano when Yamato is coming back which she doesn't know but Miho doesn't like that answer. Ayano tells her that they aren't kids anymore and he should be fine since Suzuka is with her. Miho mentions that Saotome said something weird today and went outside to wait for Yamato without telling Ayano what it was. Saotome comes back from what she was doing and sees Miho waiting which she says that she shouldn't be out here since she came out of the bath and could get a cold. Saotome tells her that they might went to a love hotel which Miho calls her a pervert and gets her to leave. She ponders how she shouldn't be annoyed with the relationship and remembers how he used to care for her when she sees Yamato and Suzuka coming back. He asks her if she wanted some peach-flavored buns which she's says no and runs off angrily leaving Suzuka and Yamato all confused.

The next day, Miho is in bed because she caught a cold from waiting for Yamato and Suzuka outside. Yamato feels that it's their fault but Ayano tells him that she's not really that sick and head to school. Miho remembers the promise that she had Yamato agreed to which she would marry him one day. Later in the day, Ayano tells Suzuka and Yamato that Miho is still in bed but her fever has gone down. She thinks that she will get up once she's hungry but Yamato is worried about her and decides to see her. Miho is becoming hungry and wants Yamato to visit her which he shows up soon after. He had some of Ayano's soup for her to eat but she refuses. He continues to try to get Miho to eat something or take some medicine but she doesn't want that except for some Yamato's homemade Hiroshima bread. Yamato tells her that he doesn't have the necessary tools to make the bread and tries to get her to have some Kansai flavored bread instead but she still refuses which makes Yamato to leave the room. Miho is still hungry when she smells something good which was Yamato's Hiroshima bread. She asks if he made it for her which is yes but he can't guarantee the taste of it though. She questions if it's editible or not but Yamato makes her eat it anyway by feeding it to her. Ayano looks at the mess in the kitchen that Yamato made but she doesn't mind this time since he's helping Miho.

This chapter is a Miho chapter. She's been ignored for most of the series and just is there for the most part. She's sort of a mini-Elis that she loves her cousin so much but unlike Elis, she doesn't go out of her way to break up Yamato and Suzuka. It's nice to see that Miho isn't just there and has own feelings about the relationship as she feels neglected by Yamato recently. Also, it breaks the pacing a little bit before the story goes into the next step which things will get interesting very soon.


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