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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Yakitate Japan 52

(Manga Chapters 120-123)

Pierrot takes a bite of Japan #61 and ends up meeting the King in the year of 1982 when Pierrot hasn't been born yet. The Queen entered the room and manages to keep Pierrot from being thrown out by making him entertain her. In the present time, Pierrot hasn't moved as Azuma thinks that they are having a nice family reunion but in 1982, Pierrot has been entertaining them for quite a while now. Then he realizes that the bread acts like a time machine (which reminds of a joke in Futurama where the Professor asks where the device that slows the passage of time of an old hippie van which was the bong). Pierrot spend his time cleaning the palace grounds and interacting with the groundscrew. The Queen called Pierrot many times but he was in front of her as she was so huge that she couldn't open her eyes. She called him to give him her ring because she couldn't fit on her finger anymore because they became so chubby. She decides to offer some bread to Pierrot but he couldn't get any because she took away from him and ate it herself. He asks her to reduce the amount of food she eats but she doesn't understand as she believes she's giving the baby proper nutrition. Pierrot knows that she could get toxemia or have a difficult time delivering the baby of her huge body and realizes that her obesity was the cause of her death just shortly after birth. He convinces her to stop eating as much by making her believe that the baby is telling her to stop. A few weeks later, the Queen managed to return back to her normal weight as Pierrot begins to fade away shortly. She thanks him for all the things that he did while staying at the palace and wants the child to be just like him so she asks him to stay forever but he can't. The Queen's water broke which Pierrot is the only one who could take her to the hospital since everyone else is passed out drunk.

Back in the present, Pierrot's legs are moving at a very fast rate while Azuma suddenly doesn't remember why he wanted to send Pierrot to Heaven. Pierrot's body is disappearing quickly as he tries to take the Queen to the hospital. His body completely disappeared as the Queen is alone on the street. He wakes up in the present crying as the King and Queen are alive which they named him after himself from 23 years ago. They are disappointed in him from crying over a bread and wanted to send him back to the Quedam Circus for training. The King tells him that he was sent to the Quedam Circus as a baby because of his influence back in 1982. Pierrot notices that the audience has been reduced because the Queen was found and had a safe birth which doesn't make him the miracle prince who appeared 23 years later. The King and Queen tells him to give the judgment which he realizes that they are strict with him. Pierrot gives victory to Azuma's Japan #61 as he calls it the bread that changes history. Shadow refuses to accept the judgment even though he doesn't remember why he sent Pierrot into space. Kirisaki tells Shadow that he lost because Azuma's handmade flavor. He explains that Azuma used nabefuchi brown sugar which is something you had to do a process 20 times over to get. He continues on that Azuma made everything by himself along with the hard work to make it while Azuma still tries to remember why he made the bread in the first place. Kirisaki tries to shake Azuma's hand but he refuses as Kirisaki's own hand began to shake by itself. Kawachi thinks that Kirisaki isn't that bad of a guy but Kanmuri explains that he couldn't show his true side to the audience. Subawara finally shows up after his terrible experience with the helicopter which Kawachi doesn't remember the reason why they rode in it in the first place. The MVP of the Monaco Cup was Azuma of course and was given the ring that Pierrot wore while in 1982. Azuma decides to give the ring to Tsukino because it would interfere with his baking.

This episode ends the Monaco Cup with Team Japan winning the entire thing. Some people would like to complain how Pierrot's trip through time didn't make much sense in the present but I will say this since I watched so many sci-fi shows over the years. Don't think too much about it. Just take it at face value. It's just a TV show. It doesn't have to make sense at all. I mean, you got people going to Heaven by eating a piece of bread or making them turn into a spinning turtle. It's a time paradox I think and I'm going to leave it at that. Pierrot got to meet his parents and even affected the timeline that both of his parents were still alive in the present. It was a nice ending to his story. Well, let's on the story. Not much with the manga storyline was changed except for a rearranging of some things which may appeared in the next episode. The next episode will begin the next arc which is the Yakitate 25 arc but the anime has it as the Yakitate 9 which I don't know why they did it.


  • At 6:17 AM, Anonymous ZMAng said…

    Yeah, you'll definitely have to take Yakitate Japan's reactions at face value. If not, you'll probably kill yourself with the reactions that are coming in the future. Ep. 53's Gopan reaction was equally ahmm... ridiculous, but who cares? :)

  • At 1:48 PM, Blogger Phoenix512 said…

    I do take the reactions are face value. The reason I brought it up was because I was talking to a couple of friends which they mention about how it didn't make sense. The reactions in the next arc isn't as ridiculous as the space, time-travel, and the Gopan reaction.

    Then again, I only got through three battles of the next arc. I have a theory about the Yakitate 9 which I will covered in the next post.

  • At 1:50 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    definately a good episode, nice summary!


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