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Friday, January 27, 2006

Yakitate Japan 53

Manga Chapters 123-127

The Pantasia crew has a celebration dinner for Team Japan's victory in the Monaco Cup but Subawara is depressed though. Kawachi thinks that he's depressed because he will miss Monica but Subawara tries to deny that he's in love as Monica jumps on him. She wanted to join them but Kawachi wouldn't allow it as she's a part of St. Pierre and to get her and Subawara alone together. She tells them that St. Pierre and Pantasia have merged together with Kirisaki in charge of management. Team Japan talked about the merger on a beach and thinks that Yuniko will be the new president of Pantasia and how to use the 12 billion yen. Azuma decides to cheer up Tsukino by giving her the ring and puts it on her left hand (that's where you put it if it was a wedding ring). He decided to return the favor as she gave him the hairband back in the day but she was all embarrassed by it. Kanmuri mentions that the ring can summoned the legendary hero Pierrot. Yuniko is mad at Kirisaki for not being Pantasia president which she doesn't allow him to explain fully that she's going to be St. Pierre's president instead. He has decided to retire from all official managerial positions and names Tsukino as the new president of Pantasia. Kanmuri thinks that Kirisaki wants them to be over at his side instead becoming his enemies. Kawachi tries to convince Tsukino to not accept the offer when Kirisaki suddenly shows up. Kirisaki issues them a challenge which if they win that he would hand them all of his stock in Pantasia and that this battle will be broadcast over the Greater Tokyo TV but they have to pay for the televising and production fees. Kirisaki's stock is worth 10 times more than their current assets. The Manager wants to know the conditions of the battle which Kirisaki calls the battle, Yakitate 9. There are no restriction of number or age of the contestants except that Azuma must do every battle because he's so popular over the world. The battles consist of nine cities with speciality products spread on a 3x3 panel which they have to fight for squares. Kawachi asks Kirisaki a question about the cities with speciality products which he gives the city of Kitakata as an example. Kitakata is famous their ramen and doesn't have a speciality bread which Kirisaki explains that the popularity of bread hasn't grown in Japan is because there's no exclusive breads between city to city compared to ramen. He wants Azuma to create various Japans that uses the speciality foods of each city. Then he shows his latest creation, Gopan #104 and has everyone tried a piece of it. The reaction for this bread is a parody of the first episode of Yakitate Japan called Takitate Gohan where an American boy named Tom Crusoe who has the North Pole Hands to create the American rice called Gohan (along with the Seed of Knowledge as well). Kirisaki mentions that there are many great bakers out there which Azuma wants to fight them but he doesn't want to make the decision. Tsukino sees this and decides to accept his offer which everyone decides to go with Tsukino and fight Kirisaki.

On the airplane ride back to Japan, Kuro-yan tells them to not ruin the reputation of Pantasia which he directed especially to Kawachi as he shouldn't wear something like an afro wig whcih gets the attention of the Manager. They have an argument across the idles until Kuro-yan was summoned into first class by Kirisaki. Kuro-yan thinks that Kirisaki wanted to recruit him but that's not the case as he wants him to be a full-time food critic and be the host and judge of the Yakitate 9. Kuro-yan suggests that he might side with Azuma every time but Kirisaki knows that he cannot lie about the taste of something regardless of his personal preference. Kuro-yan doesn't want to give up being a baker and food-chemist which he will give him time to think about it. Kirisaki mentions that he should choose a single path to be successful in life. Azuma and the others asks the manager about the bad blood between him and Kuro-yan. He says that he harassed Kuro-yan all the time when he was an apprentice which started on his first day where he noticed that he got the exact ingredients and baking times and temperatures just from a single piece. The Manager wanted him to not be a baker but a professional food critic instead which harassment was the only way he could get him to understand his intentions. Kawachi believes that Kuro-yan wanted the Manager to leave him alone which he was correct. The Manager knows that only certain people can be at the top of anything and saw Kuro-yan could be at the top of the food-critic world which he couldn't ignore it. Kawachi thinks that he's the Manager's second apprentice which he's not but he tells him to tell the truth to him along calling him a caveman. Kuro-yan decided to accept Kirisaki's offer to be the judge and host of the Yakitate 9 which Azuma, Kanmuri, and Kawachi face off against a member of CMAP named Tsubodzuka Takumi.

Well, let's just say that there are some changes from the manga to the anime version. There was a money prize in the Monaco Cup which there was a little thing with Kawachi's family about that. During the celebration dinner, Kanmuri wanted Azuma to give him some of the cannibas oil so he can study it. He explains about trans-fat in oils which I won't go into and just read the manga for details. Yuniko and Kirisaki's conversation was a lot longer as he explains about his plan in more detail like to have St. Pierre and Pantasia being seperate companies even though they are merged so they would compete with each other. The whole Takitate Gohan thing was actually an omake but it did not occurred there at that point. A major change is the whole Yakitate 9 which in the manga is called the Yakitate 25. I don't want to explain the rules of the Yakitate 25 which are somewhat complex compared to the Yakitate 9 which there are some questions about with the complete rules. I think this change of the format might be easier for kids to understand or going a different way with this arc. Also, I mentioned in a previous post about something that was omitted in the anime which would have foreshadow something in this arc. Kuro-yan's full time status as a food-critic was this thing which it was mentioned before the finals of the Monaco Cup. Also, there was a scene of Team Pantasia arriving at the TV station before the show started which might be in the next episode. Speaking of the next episode, it will covered Team Pantasia's battle with a single member of CMAP.


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