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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Bleach 67

Ichigo and the crew are running towards the school and find Ichigo and Renji's bodies at the entrance. They go back into their bodies before anyone see them. Lilin shows up with Nova and tells them that there's an imposter among them. Kon thinks that the imposter is either Orihime or Sado since they were captured by the enemy and tries to get Orihime to hug him but Ichigo stomps on him. Lilin tells them that if they don't find the imposter that their friends at school will disappear. They have until 12 pm to figure out the imposter but if they couldn't figure it out by the deadline, everyone at the school will be eliminated and only can answer once. Ishida asks Orihime and Sado about their time while in the gate which she couldn't remember while he said he was floating in darkness. Ishida thinks that the gate is connected to an alternate dimension and worried about the mod souls eliminating people this time around. Before they could talk more about the current situation, Keigo and the other people from school are arriving. Keigo thinks that Ichigo was having fun last night and left out of it while Tatsuki asks Orihime about her lack of school uniform even though she forgot about her existance yesterday. Keigo begins to ask Renji a bunch of questions which just annoys him and Ichigo at the same time as he gets a double kick to the head. The school bell rang which Ichigo and the others decided to go to class in order to avoid suspucion. Ishida tells Ichigo that he should called Urahara about his body. During class, Ichigo tries to think who is the imposter when Renji begins to talk to him. They begin to argue as usual when the teacher sends the "Kurosaki brothers" out to the hall. Ichigo thinks Renji is the imposter because of his goofy behavior and tries to get Renji out of his faux body. His attempt caused everyone in the class to watch them having a moment. Ichigo had to explain to the others that he wanted Renji out of his faux body to prove that he wasn't the imposter. Ishida thinks that Claude could copy their abilities as well while Lilin decides to push them a bit farther. Tatsuki was alone in the bathroom when she thought that there was someone else there but couldn't find the person. Suddenly, the lights blink on and off which she leaves the bathroom and ends up disappearing.

At Soul Society, Ukitake orders the gate to the living world to be closed but before the gate was closed, Sui Fong passed through it under the request of Yoruichi. During PE class, someone noticed that Tatsuki has disappeared. Lilin tells Orihime that more will disappear soon if they don't find the impostor soon and disappears. Orihime runs out of PE along with Ichigo, Ishida, and Sado under the excuse that they are going to the nurse's office. Orihime finds Tatsuki arm band which she's worried about her and can't trust anyone. Ichigo tells her that Tatsuki is fine and she's doing what the mod souls want. Lilin and Nova appears outside of them and tells them that they shouldn't waste any time as they have one hour left before more people disappear. Jinta answers the phone at Urahara shop which was Ichigo who want to speak to Yoruichi but she wasn't there at that moment. Renji shows up and tells them that he can't contact Soul Society. Ishida thinks that if their intuition matches up, then he could figure out the impostor from it. Ichigo thinks the imposter is Ishida which he tries to disprove it by his skills at sewing. Ishida thinks the imposter is Renji since he's the most distant people to them while he thinks that Orihime is the imposter. Orihime thinks that Sado is the imposter while he thinks that Ichigo is the imposter. Lilin shows up and tells them to look outside. They see Keigo suddenly disappeared along with two girls. Then the entire girl class along with the teacher disappeared as well. Ichigo wants her to stop dragging people who aren't involved which Lilin proposes that they give up their lives for everyone else's lives. Ichigo sees Sui Fong and Yoruichi heading towards the school but they headed up for the roof. Ichigo asks Sado what they were doing which he doesn't know but mentions that she was one brave woman to come. Ichigo says that Sado doesn't know that Yoruichi takes on cat form on the living side since he never step foot on Soul Society. He figured out that Sado was the imposter as he wouldn't get scared by a mere shattering of glass. The mod souls told them that the others are fine and they are going to play one last game as they still have Sado in their hands.

The mod souls decided this time to mess with Ichigo and the other's heads with Claude acting as a Sado impostor. They must be a serious threat to Soul Society as Ukitake closed the gate to the living world. What I still don't get is the reason why they are doing this? It doesn't make much sense to do all of this unless they want to have fun which at the point is pointless to do this at all. The next episode is going to be an one-hour special with Ichigo and the crew trying to find Sado and stop whatever plan that the mod souls have in their heads.

The Law of Ueki 39

Sano notices that Matthew is still alive but he can't move his body. He was glad that he was able to fight a strong guy but he's not having any fun right now. He remembers when he was a kid, he did fun things that weren't fighting which he did those things to make Marilyn smile. Matthew tells Sano that he was lame for fighting for your friends which he realized that he was the same which made him cry. He hasn't seen Marilyn laughed like that for a long time and couldn't open the door to her closed heart. Sano got Matthew's necklace and wonder what's the actual score. So he tried to ask a Ghost for the score but no Ghost would appeared. God came over the loudspeaker and says that the Ghosts are on strike because they wanted a raise. Marilyn and Ueki continued their battle against each other which he tried using Ressen to cause some debris to fall on her but she avoids it with her power easily and gives him a punch in the stomach. She tells him to give up but he refuses as he needs to save Mori and Sano. He tries to run away from her with Raika but she manages to catch up and slams him to a wall. Ueki uses Raika along with Wave Flower to attack Marilyn and manages to get one hit on her but she still managed to hit Ueki. He found a weakness in Marilyn's attack as she stomps her right foot when about to throw a straight right at him. Ueki gets hit by Marilyn's attacks until she does her thing with the right foot. He uses Raika and charges towards her but he sees a tear going down her face and couldn't go through with the counter. He says that she doesn't really want to fight.

Marilyn doesn't believe what Ueki just said to her as she just wants to fight. Ueki begins walking away from her as he doesn't want to fight somebody who doesn't want to fight at all. She begins to attack him in order to get him to fight but he just gets up and continues to walk away. She thinks that he could take her attacks at Level One and decides to use her Level Two version of her power which is the ability to increase her physical ability by two-fold. There's a downside to her power that she can only use it for ten minutes each day and after that, she loses all of her strength. He gets back up and continues to walk away from Marilyn. She remembers when she was a kid that she told her father that she didn't want to fight. Then she remembers a bunch of guys from her past that she doesn't want to remember and continues to attack Ueki but he continues to walk away from her. She remembers that she wanted to go with those guys but one guy tells her that she was afraid of fighting and if she got stronger, they will come home. She continues with attacking Ueki but he still refuses to fight her. She remembers her father telling her that those guys aren't coming back which she decided to fight some random guys. She decided to train regardless if the war was over or not and believe those guys didn't come back home because she wasn't strong enough. She knew what really happened but refused to believe it as she beats up on Ueki. She realized that the last ten years were pointless as she collaspes from overusing her Level Two power. Ueki looks back and sees a collasped Marilyn. He carries her body as he goes on to save Mori. Meanwhile, Memory has Mori trapped on a roof which Mori finally figure out her power is.

This episode showed that Marilyn was a tragic character as she fought for a meaningless cause. She truly believe that if she kept on fighting that the people she cared about would come back to her. She knew that they died long ago in the war but she refused to believe that they were dead. So fighting for her became an escape of the terrible truth. For Ueki to beat her in that fashion was truly ironic. The next episode has Mori fighting against Memory, God dealing with the Ghost strike, and Ueki fighting against Aion.

Mai Otome 19

A rock creature emerges from the desert and almost eats a collasped Mashiro when one of the Aswad cyborgs killed it with ease. One of them was dragging the corpse when they noticed Mashiro and her Blue Sky Sapphire gem. Midori and the others were wondering what to do with Mashiro when Arika appeared and recognized her. Maria complains to Nagi about the soldiers around the school and Shizuru being imprisioned which he doesn't seem to care as he has that classes are still being taught. Also he says that the soliders are security to them since they can't use their Otome powers at that moment and the Schwarz could attack at any time. Maria tries to talk to Nagi again but Nina tells her to be respectful of Nagi. Maria tells Nina that she still has material to learn which Nina tells her that she wished for the Gem which Nagi approved of. She tells her that she will regret it later. Smith tells Nagi that he was surprised that he had the Ultimate Black Diamond which Nagi tells him that trump cards are only useful when you save them at the end. He mentions if they had Arika and Mashiro that they would have the true trump card. Mashiro wakes up to see Mikoto on her and Arika came in to give her some water. Arika tells her that she's in the Aswad village which she was also picked up by them with Mikoto. Mashiro mentions that she known the Aswad as a cursed people which Reito resented as they could have killed them since they got close to their village. Mashiro says that she isn't the queen and Arika is but Arika refuses to believe it because it came from Sergay. Midori orders Arika to get some food for Mashiro and talks to Mashiro how Arika was like a doll when they found her. Arika pulls out the bandage that Erstin left behind and cries alone. Mashiro asks Midori what they are going to do to Arika which she says to her that are you really not the queen. Mashiro says that she doesn't know and doesn't care which she goes saying that she lost everything and don't speak like you know her, old woman to Midori. She tells Mashiro that she's only 17 years old. Arika was looking into a pot of water when a kid on a crutch calls her Anty just like Sergay did. The kids want to play with Arika which she knocks down the kid with the crutch named Ruo. She tries to help him up but Midori tells him to get up on his own which he managed to do. Mashiro notices how everyone loves Midori who inherited the previous leader's bloodline but she gained their trust through her own actions. Midori tells Arika that she needs to talk to her later. Meanwhile, Nao and Natsuki are trying to reach the captial of Airies which they tried to hitch a ride. Nao forces Natsuki to be the one to get someone's attention as she tries to get someone to stop with a sexy pose. Then Nao decided to cut Natsuki's pants with a nail file which gets a truck to stop but they didn't expect to be surrounded by soliders and get arrested for public indecency and corruption of public morals.

Tomoe bribes a guard in order to see Shizuru. Irina asks Nina if she knows anything about Arika and Erstin which she doesn't give her a truthful answer. Chie wishes for the old days with Nao, Shiho, and Akane while she writes a journal. Shiho has Yayoi and Lilie helping her to spiral everyone for her misfortune. Midori asks Arika how she had the Sapphire which she said that it was a memento from her mother. She believes that Rena is her mother which makes Reito apologize to her for killing Rena 15 years ago. He tells them that they raided Fuka Castle with the Schwarz under the guidance of the home secretary who wanted to kill the king. Reito killed Rena who had lost her powers at that point and fought honorably for the king. Mashiro asked why they are apologizing now which Reito answered that the Aswad treated their battles with honor. They couldn't protect her corpse as Smith took it from them and because of that, the Aswad and the Schwarz became seperate from them. Midori asks Arika if she knew how the Gems and nano-machines are created which she didn't. Midori mentions that the founder's body is kept in a casket at the basement of the mausoleum. Fumi is the master of the Five Columns and the students as she creates the Coral and Pearl Gems for the students. Midori mentions that in order to be a source, you need the body of an Otome who became a mother which is the reason why Smith took Rena's body so he could oppose Fumi and be the new founder of the Otome. Smith managed to create a new Gem with Youko's research data which Nagi wants to test it on some of the students. He wants Nina to collect some students but Sergay wants to do it instead as they would misjudge Nina's actions and a chance to regain the good side of Nagi. Midori tells Arika and Mashiro that the planet was filled with life but the weapons used during the 12 Kingdoms War destroyed most of the life on the planet. These same weapons destroyed the home of the Aswad and caused an illness among the survivors. This illness is the reason why the Aswad are considered to be a cursed people. Ruo has the illness already active along with Reito and the other cyborgs. He and the others became cyborgs in order to save their lives from the illness but they considered to be the living dead. Midori says that the only cure to the illness is the nano-machines that Gardenrobe kept under lock and key and that her illness triggered at the age of 17 which she survived with her REM. The REM was based on a Gem which makes her stay at the age of 17 forever but it's unstable. She wants the power and wisdom of Gardenrobe which she wants to use Arika and Mashiro in order to achieve that goal. Arika refuses to be an Otome anymore and runs away with Mashiro chasing after her. One of the other cyborgs appears and tells Midori that they received a message from Cardair. Mikoto tackles Arika to the ground which Mashiro sees her crying. Before Mashiro could talk to Arika, they get swallowed by a rock creature.

This episode we learned some things about the Aswad as they want Gardenrobe's technology to save themselves from the illness that plagued their people since the end of the 12 Kingdoms War. They were the ones along with the Schwarz that raided Fuka Castle 15 years ago in order to get the technology which Reito killed Rena in battle. Smith took her corpse for his plan to control the Otome. I doubt Midori is really 17 but much older than that. Her body may have stop aging but time still adds on to the years. Nina right now has given up on her friends as she refused to answer Irina's question about Arika and Erstin. She's in her little world right now with Nagi controlling her like a puppet. Arika decided to not to become an Otome anymore since the incident with Erstin caused her to see the ugly truth of reality. She promised that she would stop all wars and that no Otome would have to fight each other but reality gave her a swift kick in the ass on that one. I liked the scene with Natsuki and Nao trying to hitch a ride to the Airies capital which was a homage to Hime as Mai and Natsuki were trying to hitch a ride back to the school. Mai didn't cut Natsuki's pants like Nao did but they managed to get Natsuki to play the hitch a ride girl. The next episode has Arika and Mashiro trying to escape from the rock creature while Nao and Natsuki meet with Yukino and Haruka. Also, Tomoe becomes a test subject for Nagi's new Gems while the country of Argos take some action on the current situation.

Bleach 66

Ichigo, Renji, Ishida, and Kon went to Urahara's store so he could watch over Ichigo's empty body as Sado just got captured. They tried to figure who are Lilin, Nova, and Claude which they figured out that they aren't human or Death god since they have a weird spirit force. Tessai thinks that their power comes from demon magic which makes soul slayers rather ineffective. Ichigo's Getsuga Tenshou would destroy a good portion of the surrounding area while Renji doesn't have enough control with his bankai to be much effective against them along with his power reduction in the living world. The phone suddenly rings which Lilin asks for Ichigo. She tells him that the next game is at the Karakara museum and to bring everyone. Kon is being carried on Ishida's back since he's only one that people can see. Ishida modified Kon's stomach to hold some items inside which Kon wasn't happy about. They entered the museum and Lilin tells him that they have to play hide and seek. If they win, Orihime and Sado will be returned and they have to leave their soul slayers in exhibition cases which have insulted their soul slayer's names. They entered the lighted room which Ishida felt an odd spirit force which Kon didn't really felt but he had felt something weird since they entered the museum. They soon realized that all doors lead to the same room onto infinity. They tried going to the right every time but didn't arrive at the same room and noticed that the entrance is gone. Ishida realizes that there's a trick to the room which they must solved in order to get Orihime and Sado back. He pulls out a ball of string from Kon's stomach and ties it to a pole. Ishida suggests that they should go straight which they find a room with three empty exhibition cases with their names on them including two cases that contain Orihime and Sado. Then three of them are trapped inside of the cases.

Ichigo and the others can't move their bodies while Ichigo gets smacked around by Kon in order to wake them up. He managed to get them out of the room since the mist caused them to collaspe. They continued to navigate through the maze which Renji almost fell to his death by a giant hole. Then they encountered the room where they tied the string to the pole which Ichigo decides to pull on the string and figures out that they been going through a Moebius loop. Ishida pulls out a notebook and drew a map of the path. They discovered that going straight means they fall into a trap while going through a L-pattern has no traps at all. They walked through the rooms and got no closer to escaping which makes Renji and Ichigo argued with each other. Then they decided to go in opposite directions which Ishida noticed the warping of space and finally figured out the riddle. He tells Renji and Ichigo the answer and asks for Ichigo's substitute license. They run through the room with the pit which they were able to walk on air and arrived at the room they first entered at the beginning. Ishida tells Lilin that he figured out there were nine rooms in a 3 by 3 grid and the entrances on the outside were infinitely looped. By going through the rooms in a vertical or hortizonal way, they would win the game but at the third room, there was a trap setup to stop their progress. The traps were really illusions which became more effective by the kidnapping of Orihime and Sado. The breakup of Renji and Ichigo wasn't planned by them which Ishida noticed the warping of space at that point. Nova grabs Ishida but he used the substitute license on him to cause a ball exit his body which was a mod soul. He figured out that they were mod souls by studying Kon's soul patterns. Nova was the one who manipulated space while Lilin was the one with the power of illusion. Claude suddenly appears and takes Nova's body and mod soul. They go outside to see Orihime and Sado are there since Ichigo and the others won the hide and seek game. Nova returns Ichigo and Renji's soul slayers to them as he and Lilin escaped through the gate with a warning that they should go to the school if they don't want to lose their friends.

Lilin, Nova, and Claude are really mod souls like Kon but now, the question is who gave them bodies in the first place. Also, they returned Orihime and Sado to Ichigo and the others but their next scheme is about to start with the school being in danger. The next episode has Ichigo and the others at the school trying the mod souls' scheme of whatever it is with an appearance of Soi Fong and Ukitate.

Monday, February 27, 2006

The Law of Ueki 38

Ueki tries to figure out Marilyn's power as he thinks it's the ability to increase arm and leg muscles but that doesn't explain how she dodged Kurogane mid-air. He uses Wave Flower to attack Marilyn but it has no effect. She manages to close the gap and kicks Ueki to the ground. She wants to finish off Ueki but he wouldn't allow it and uses Ranma to attack her but she avoids the attack and hits him towards a wall. He managed to figure Marilyn's power from the attacks which is the power to change a short moment to a long period of time. He figured it out when she avoided Ranma as she didn't leap over it to Ueki was and jumped the normal height. He also noticed that she avoided the Wave Flower with her hair barely trailed behind her which means that she was moving at normal speed. She tells Ueki that her exact power is the ability to change one second into ten seconds and was amazed by Ueki's ability to figure it out. He wondered if she made the right move by telling him the exact amount of seconds which she gives him a flurry of punches. She thanks him for being the first one to figure out her ability and that she could fight with all of her might against her. Meanwhile, Sano and Matthew fight in an abandoned building. Matthew thinks fighting is fun while Sano says that he can't enjoy a fight when a friend's in trouble and mentions his way of fun. His way of fun is to be in a hot springs on a snowy night and look at the sky. Matthew doesn't think that is fun unless he was surrounded by girls which gives Sano a chance to escape but he manages to stop him from escaping by shooting at him. Sano throws a boomerrang at Matthew which he revert back into a towel that contain some rubble to distract him while he sneaks up from behind and kicks his gun away. Then he tries to knock him out with a steel pipe but Matthew blocks it with ease. Sano tries to kick him in the gut but Matthew blocked it with his six arms ability and punches Sano with his free arms and throws him away from him. Luckily, Sano had steel towel armor around his stomach to soften the blows. Matthew says that Sano's power is garbage which Sano says that his power isn't garbage as it was given to him by Inumaru, his friend. Sano wishes that he could be stronger to defeat Matthew as he shoots at him but somehow, Sano managed to avoid the bullets. So he tries to kill him with six guns but those bullets went to the steel towel instead. Sano realizes that he managed to activate his Level Two power.

Matthew tries again which the bullets once again went to the towel. God and his assistant talked about Sano's Level Two power which the assistant believed that he should awakened it sooner because of his skills. God mentions that one of the requirements for Level Two is mastery of the Level One power but he also needs to wish to be stronger from the depths of your heart. He thinks that Sano thought there was no opponent that he couldn't defeat with his power as long he used his head. He managed to defeat 20 opponents at that level while Ueki hasn't reach Level Two yet because he hasn't fully mastered his Heavenly Power along with Kobasan's Heavenly Power at the same time is rather hard. Sano managed to figure out that his Level Two power is magnetism which he could have fun with. He throws a boomerrang with his new power that managed to attract his bullets and his guns to it. Matthew figures out his new power and pulls out six brass clubs. Sano throws another boomerrang at him but he manages to deflect it and beats Sano with the clubs. Sano blocks all clubs with two pipes and pulls away from Matthew. Then he throws six boomerrangs at Matthew and revert them to towels so he could wrap the clubs with metal. He applied his Level Two on him so he could knocked them away. Then he threw another boomerrang at him which continued to chase after him due to a planted steel towel on him. Matthew head towards his clubs in order to knock the boomerrang down which he managed to do but it was a trap as Sano was waiting for him on the ceiling. Sano hits Matthew with a steel pipe combined with his mangetism along with gravity and his strength which knocks him out.

Ueki manages to figure out Marilyn's power but how to counter it is a whole another question. How can he beat someone who can expand one second into ten seconds? Also, Sano has achieved his Level Two power which is the ability of mangetism which he beat Matthew with his new ability. The next episode continues Ueki and Marilyn's battle along with Marilyn's backstory.

Kasimasi ~Girl Meets Girl~ 6

Tomari leaves her supplementary classes and walked towards the classroom to see Yasuna and Hazumu kissing each other. She decides to play it off without showing any anger and leaves the room. Hazumu tries to chase after her but Yasuna stops him to tell him that she's glad he accepted her. Tomari thinks that everything is all right as Hazumu had feelings for Yasuna for a long time but she kicks a soccer ball very hard knocking down Asuta and Namiko and Jan catches the ball. Sora tells her that repressing your feelings of love is a hard thing to do. Tomari sits alone on a barrel near the river during the night remembering the time when she and Hazumu were kids. Hazumu wanted to be Tomari's bride but she had to correct him as he's supposed to be the gloom not the bride. He wanted to be her gloom but she tells him that she doesn't want a crybaby gloom and throws a rock to get rid of the flashback. The next day, Tomari and the others picked up Hazumu which Asuta congratulates Tomari for finishing supplementary classes. Then Tomari tells everyone that Hazumu and Yasuna are going out now which she is going to support them. She pushes Hazumu towards Yasuna and leaves them to be. They ended up going to the roof garden and picked tomatoes. Hazumu asks Tomari if he could borrow her notebook but she tells him to use Yasuna's notebook instead. Then he asks Tomari if they could go to the auditorium together but she tells them to go with Yasuna instead. Hazumu asks Tomari if they could have lunch together as he has lots of tomatoes but she tells him to eat them with Yasuna and that she would be uncomfortable with the two of them being close together. Tomari asks Ayuki if she's being a spiteful person which she tells her that she is. Yasuna and Hazumu are eating lunch together but Hazumu isn't himself and not really eating. He asks her how she made the dish which she asks him if he could go to her house together so he can learn how to cook. Tomari was running when she sees Hazumu and Yasuna having fun watering the plants together.

Yasuna gives Hazumu the cookbook which her dog, Elbert barks at him. She manages to get the dog under control and realizes that she hasn't fed him from Hazumu's comment. Meanwhile, Tomari has been singing karaoke nonstop seven times in the row with Asuta and Ayuki which Ayuki made her stop. She tells her that she can't run away from reality. Yasuna beats Hazumu in chess which he notices that she has the same CD that he has. The both of them listen to it after they take their baths and just before falling asleep. He tells her that he saw her angry side today and wants to understand her a bit by bit. They were about to kiss each other when Hazumu sees a young Tomari. Hazumu's father tries to see him naked as usual and thinks that he will succeed this time since his mother isn't around but Jan stops him this time. Hazumu tries to think why he saw Tomari when he tried to kiss Yasuna and remembers the incident when they were kids. He tries to find Tomari at her house but she wasn't there. Tomari is at the same place as last night and remembers more of the incident. She tells young Hazumu that her gloom must be cool and manly when the current Hazumu shows up. He tries to tell Tomari his feelings but couldn't at first. He tells her that she's important and want to stay by his side forever but she slaps him. She asks him if he loves Yasuna and decided to be by her side. He tells that he wants to be with Yasuna but doesn't want to lose Tomari this way and doesn't want being unable to talk with her. He tells her that he remembers the promise that they made as kids which if he could make it to the other side that he will be Tomari's gloom. He does the promise to her right now which makes Tomari chased after Hazumu and tries to kiss him but ends up embracing him instead. She tells him that she loves him.

Tomari tries to get Hazumu to forgot about her and focused on Yasuna but he didn't want her to remove herself from his life. She tried to so hard to get them alone that Hazumu just wanted Tomari to be around as his friend. He couldn't be with Yasuna unless he fixes his problems with Tomari. I'm not quite sure who Hazumu really likes as he and Tomari had a special moment at the end of the episode. Does he like Yasuna or Tomari more? It's just a big question mark at this point. The ED was changed slightly as it didn't play the normal instrumental track but just the piano version. I prefer the normal instrumental over just the piano playing in the background. The next episode is the beach episode.