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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Binchou-tan 1

A girl named Binchou-tan lives alone in the mountains. She wakes up and opens a window to let in the sunlight. She puts on her ribbon for her yukata and puts a piece of binchoutan charcoal on her head. She trips on her own ribbon before smashing some rice in a wine bottle and washing it. She takes a walk outside and drinks some water from a nearby stream before continuing walking. She passes by an old car which some of the animals decides to follow her. She walks on a branch overlooking a lake and sat there until a couple of ducks pass by. She rides on the bigger of the two ducks which they take her around the lake and passby some ruins along with a turtle. After she gets off, she gives a piece of grass to the duck as thanks for the ride and walked into a flower field with a bunch of butterflies. She picks some grass while a snake came near which she got scared for a little bit. She returns to the house and places the grass and the charcoal into the bucket. Then she lays on her blanket that she hanged up earlier and cooks some rice. She places the charcoal back on her head and eats the rice.

Binchou-tan is 12 minutes long and runs side by side with REC. Nothing really happen in this episode except introducing Binchou-tan and her somewhat boring life in the mountains. This series isn't something I would blog on a regular basis but there are more characters in the series that haven't been introduced yet. I'll continue to watch to see if it gets better or not. The next episode has her getting a job and seeing some bizarre things out there.


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