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Saturday, February 18, 2006

Bleach 63

The first half of the episode is a clip show with a summary of the first 62 episodes along with clips of battles during the Soul Society arc and the Aizen plot. The second half of the episode goes into a week later after Aizen's rebellion. Some of the 11th Squad members were complaining about the food until Unohara shows up and set them straight by threatening their lives. Ikkuaru was beating up some of the 11th Squad for practice when Ichigo shows up and challenges him. They get into a pointless argument when Kenpachi shows up and wants to fight Ichigo. He manages to take out Ikkuaru while Ichigo runs away from him. Yumichika asks Tetsu why he has been hanging around with the 11th Squad lately. He tells him that his captain, Komamura wants to be alone for a while. Komamura visits the grave of Tousen's friend and wonders what would that person say to him. Hisagi appears at the grave and ask Komamura if Tousen will return there one day which he says that he will by their own hands. Matsumoto was pondering some of Gin's words when Hitsugaya spoke to her. He tells her that Kira is here to visit her which they ended up drinking. She mentions that she's happy that he came to see her since if they didn't meet, that nothing can be understood. Hitsugaya visited Hinamori without saying anything even though Unohara tries to get him to speak to her. She believes that Hinamori is waiting to be called by someone who needs her but he says that he has no words that he can say to her. Ishida made a new shirt for Sado which is different in design of his previous shirt while he made a nice outfit for Orihime along with a nice dress for Rukia. Sado believes that Ishida has a talent for woman's clothes while Orihime decided to show Rukia the dress. Orihime thinks that Ishida loves Rukia from the dress but she's way off and when she got to Rukia's room she notices that she's gone. Ichigo finally managed to escape from Kenpachi when Orihime tells him that Rukia is missing. Renji is sitting next to the door of Byakuya's room which he still recovering from his wounds. Byakuya asks Renji why is he here which he says that he's his vice-captain. Then Ichigo shows up from the window and asks them if they have seen Rukia which they haven't. Orihime also appears which Ichigo asks her how she managed to climb so far up. They both leave as Byakuya asks Renji when Ichigo is going to stop calling him in the familiar. Ichigo thinks he knows where Rukia is. Meanwhile, Shiba stomps on Ganju for being useless in the second half of the battle when Rukia appears in front of her. Shiba asks her why is she here.

Rukia tells her that she meant to apologize for killing her brother but she has been running away from it. Shiba didn't want to hear a long apology from her and when she did try to make a long apology, she hit her in the head. She knew about the circumstances of Kaien's death from Ukitake as it wasn't her fault and that she regretted it the most. So she decided long ago that if she heard one word of an apology from her that she would forgive her for it. Rukia realizes that it wasn't just her who had it hard but Shiba as well and tries to apologize again but she gets a punch at her face. Ichigo and Orihime showed up which he tells her that the gate to the living world will be open tomorrow and that she should get some rest. Rukia tells him that she's planning to stay in Soul Society which he is happy for her since she made the choice by herself. Shiba suddenly butted into the conversation and wants them to stay for some food but he tries to get out of it. She gives him a punch to the face as well which makes him to accept the offer. Renji is looking Rukia, Ishida is looking for Orihime, and Kenpachi is looking Ichigo during the night while Hitsugaya finds Matsumoto, Kira, and some other guy passed out on the floor. The next day, the gate to the living world is opened up. Ukitate gives Ichigo a substitute Death god combat license so he'll be able to transform into one by himself. Orihime gives Rukia the dress and tells her that she must wear the dress. Ichigo and the others left for the living world while Kenpachi talks to Yachiru about how he will see Ichigo one day as the fight isn't over yet. Ichigo and the others are being chased inside of the gate once again and managed to get to the other side but they appeared in midair. Lucky for them, Uruha managed to catch them with a net while Jinta was about to hit them with a bat but Tessai caught them instead. Urahara asks Ichigo about what he heard about him which he has and tells him that he apologizes for it. Ichigo tells him don't worry about it and asks him if the reason for not telling the truth because he might panic which Urahara said yes. Ichigo elbows Urahara for that answer and tells him to apologize to Rukia. Ishida gets off and tells Ichigo that they will be enemies next time. Orihime and Sado got off at their homes while Ichigo got off the riverbank where his mother died. Yoruichi asks Urahara about what's going to happen next which he answers that they managed to get a handle on things and see where they go from there.

This episode ends the Soul Society arc of the series. Some things were wrapped up like Rukia and Kaien side story along with some other things. Now at this point, the current manga arc isn't nowhere of being finished. So from this point on, it will be all original material for the anime. The current manga arc has them dealing with Aizen's new soldiers. So if you want to know the true story and don't want to wait for the anime to catch up, I suggest you read the manga. The next few episodes will have an appearance of Renji along with three new villians.


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