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Friday, February 24, 2006

Bleach 64

Ichigo wakes up to his alarm when he barely avoid a kick from his dad who attacked from the outside. He beats up his dad while dressing for school. Karin notices that Ichigo has put on some muscle and mentions that the Don stop over twice. Ichigo arrived at school which Mizuiro noticed that he and Sado got darker while his crazy friend thinks that they did something weird together. Tatsuki asks Orihime about her experiences at her relatives' house which she told her about Soul Society but she didn't believe her. While in class, Ichigo hears the voice of Renji outside of the school calling for him. Ichigo takes him behind the bushes and asks him what's he doing here. He told him that he got assigned to the neighborhood which Ichigo was making fun of him since he's a vice-captain. Ichigo's sub license began to blink and move when it detected a Hollow heading towards the school. Orihime, Sado, and Ishida notice the advancing Hollow but unable to do anything about it. Renji is having a hard time getting out of his faux body which leaves Ichigo to take of the Hollow. He manages to take down the Hollow very easily and without causing any damage to the school. Orihime makes a victory gesture which gets her into trouble with the teacher while Ichigo tells Renji to not to come to the school without a reason anymore. Orihime and Tatsuki were eating lunch together which Orihime keeps having headaches from eating too much. Orihime tells her that she wasn't much use at Soul Society and that she got in the way of everyone while there. Then she heard Tatsuki's voice saying hang in there which made her try her best. Tatsuki tells her that a person's usefulness isn't for oneself to decide and managed to come home when supposed to. Ichigo came back home which he gets into a fight with his dad once again while Urahara and the crew give Renji a hard time for being a freeloader as he wanted seconds. After Renji leaves, Yourichi asks him about a mysterious presence she detected which he says it's nothing to worry about since it's so weak.

Orihime was training with her spirits and end up getting tired when Sado shows up. Sado tells her that he hoped to find the reason for his strength while at Soul Society while she tells him that she just want to be useful to Ichigo. He tells her that they must get stronger in order follow Ichigo as he destroys a wall and had to run away to escape from any unwanted attention but Ishida was watching them. Ichigo looks at a disfigured Kon as he was abused by his sisters. He complains to Ichigo about not bringing back Rukia and was told to sleep. Orihime dreams of the time when she was a kid. She made a snow rabbit for her brother which he was going to help her make an Orihime snow rabbit. She wakes up and remembers Byakuya being wounded which she cries over it. She hears the doorbell and answers the door to see her dead brother alive once again. Renji is awaken by his cell phone which Yourichi follows him. Orihime's brother tells her that he's in Soul Society that he knew that she went there as well and always worried about him. He mentions the dream that she had of him earlier. Renji wakes Ichigo from his bed to get him to go with him. They argued a little bit until Kon emerges and scares Renji for a little bit until he realizes that he's a mod soul which he forgot to take some with him. Ichigo finally feels the motativation to work as the threat is at Orihime's apartment. They tell each other that they feel at ease when they are with each other. He tells her that she's been dreaming about him lately while Ishida and Sado both feel the evil spirit. Her brother summons a skeleton-like doorway which sucks her inside once she touched his hand. Ichigo tries to slash at the door but it disappeared before it could do any real damage. Three mysterious spirits watched from afar at their plight.

The filler arc starts off with Orihime feeling mostly useless while at Soul Society and ends getting captured by an imposter of her brother. Three new spirits are in town but what they want with Orihime and what are their goals? Also, what is Ishida's current strength? He should be useless since he lost his powers but he could have enough just to detect spirits like Rukia was early in the series. There's a new ED song and sequence which the sequence is just bizarre with three other dolls besides Kon. They showed the three spirits without being surrounded in the dark along with three new characters. The song itself is a fun song with a slow movement which I liked. The next episode has Ichigo and the gang trying to rescue from whatever she got sucked into with the help of Yoruichi.


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