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Monday, February 27, 2006

Bleach 65

Old man Yama tells the remaining captains that Aizen can't use the Hougyoku for some time as it requires a long period of preparation and maturation before it can be used. He also formed a search party to find Aizen, Gin, and Tousen. Ukitate and the 8th captain talked about how search party is really assassin squad along with Renji being assigned to Ichigo's town. Ichigo and the others have no clue to Orihime's wherabouts and that the Gates of Hell wouldn't take a living person. Ichigo asks Renji why he is at the school right now which he gives that he's here to protect the town. Sado brings up the point that they asked Tatsuki about Orihime which she said who's that even though she's her best friend. Orihime being forgotten was like the time where Rukia was removed from people's minds so someone is behind in the tampering of memories. They decided to go to Orihime's apartment to search it for clues even though they supposed to be in class. They couldn't get into her place since it was locked which Sado wanted to break down the door but Ishida goes with lockpicking instead. They managed to get inside and Renji eats and drinks her food since he haven't anything to eat since yesterday. Ishida notices that they were two cups on the table which means there was a second person here. Renji's phone rang which a girl announces herself as the kidnapper is on the other line. Ichigo talks to the girl which she mentions that they are in Orihime's apartment and decides to play a game with them in order to get her back. She wants them to get to the park in three minutes. Ichigo ask Renji how they could call him which he tells him that it's an official phone that anyone could get the number for. Ichigo and Renji have a race with each other that looks weird for ordinary people since they can't see Renji. They arrived at the park within the time limit and hear the payphone ring. Ichigo answers the phone and asks for Orihime but she refuses the request. She tells him to be at the supermarket within three minutes or she dies. They reached the market which the phone rings but someone else picks it up. Sado quickly gets the guy off the phone and Ichigo answers the phone. She tells Ichigo that they failed since someone else picked up the phone and hangs up.

Ichigo was about to beat himself for losing Orihime but the phone rings again. She was just kidding and tells him they get to hear Orihime's voice if they managed to pass the third challenge which is to arrive at Urahara's store. Ichigo asks Jinta where the phone is which Urahara tells him that the phone is in the back. He answers the phone which she tells him that he passes and that to come to Orihime's apartment at eight while Urahara recorded the conversation. Yoruichi mentions that the girl isn't human since she knows about the store. Ichigo, Renji, Sado, and Ishida arrived at Orihime's apartment at eight which a bright light emenates from her room. They were about to bust down the door when Orihime opened the door and doesn't remember what happened. She recalled a fake memory and doesn't remember what really happpened. Meanwhile, Urahara ran the phone call through an analyzer and noticed that the girl doesn't have a spirit print. Tessai shows Urahara and Yoruichi a dark cloud above the city which head towards Orihime's apartment. Ishida notices that something is coming which is the dark cloud. Renji couldn't opened the door while Orihime chokes Sado. Orihime gets rid of Sado and morphs into a guy named Claude. Suddenly, another guy appears from the ceiling named Nova. Claude and Nova disappeared and sends Sado into the gate. Ichigo hears the girl's laughter whose name is Lilin which is enjoying the game. Renji and Ichigo attacked Nova and Claude with no success as they along with the Gate and Lilin disappeared.

Ichigo and the crew get their first encounter with the masterminds of the kidnapping plot as they managed to take Orihime and Sado through a mysterious Gate. Claude has the ability to morph into other people while Nova and Lilin's abilities are rather unknown at this point. Then there is their plot which is rather unknown at this point. I suspected that Ishida would be the next target since Orihime and Sado have been kidnapped already but he's just a former shell of himself at this point. I don't know if they would have any use of him. The next episode has Ichigo, Renji, Ishida, and Kon continuing their quest to save Orihime and Sado from Lilin, Claude, and Nova.


  • At 2:39 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Lovely and exciting, i can't watch the episode at the moment, but this gives me something good to look forward to!
    Thank you


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