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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Bleach 66

Ichigo, Renji, Ishida, and Kon went to Urahara's store so he could watch over Ichigo's empty body as Sado just got captured. They tried to figure who are Lilin, Nova, and Claude which they figured out that they aren't human or Death god since they have a weird spirit force. Tessai thinks that their power comes from demon magic which makes soul slayers rather ineffective. Ichigo's Getsuga Tenshou would destroy a good portion of the surrounding area while Renji doesn't have enough control with his bankai to be much effective against them along with his power reduction in the living world. The phone suddenly rings which Lilin asks for Ichigo. She tells him that the next game is at the Karakara museum and to bring everyone. Kon is being carried on Ishida's back since he's only one that people can see. Ishida modified Kon's stomach to hold some items inside which Kon wasn't happy about. They entered the museum and Lilin tells him that they have to play hide and seek. If they win, Orihime and Sado will be returned and they have to leave their soul slayers in exhibition cases which have insulted their soul slayer's names. They entered the lighted room which Ishida felt an odd spirit force which Kon didn't really felt but he had felt something weird since they entered the museum. They soon realized that all doors lead to the same room onto infinity. They tried going to the right every time but didn't arrive at the same room and noticed that the entrance is gone. Ishida realizes that there's a trick to the room which they must solved in order to get Orihime and Sado back. He pulls out a ball of string from Kon's stomach and ties it to a pole. Ishida suggests that they should go straight which they find a room with three empty exhibition cases with their names on them including two cases that contain Orihime and Sado. Then three of them are trapped inside of the cases.

Ichigo and the others can't move their bodies while Ichigo gets smacked around by Kon in order to wake them up. He managed to get them out of the room since the mist caused them to collaspe. They continued to navigate through the maze which Renji almost fell to his death by a giant hole. Then they encountered the room where they tied the string to the pole which Ichigo decides to pull on the string and figures out that they been going through a Moebius loop. Ishida pulls out a notebook and drew a map of the path. They discovered that going straight means they fall into a trap while going through a L-pattern has no traps at all. They walked through the rooms and got no closer to escaping which makes Renji and Ichigo argued with each other. Then they decided to go in opposite directions which Ishida noticed the warping of space and finally figured out the riddle. He tells Renji and Ichigo the answer and asks for Ichigo's substitute license. They run through the room with the pit which they were able to walk on air and arrived at the room they first entered at the beginning. Ishida tells Lilin that he figured out there were nine rooms in a 3 by 3 grid and the entrances on the outside were infinitely looped. By going through the rooms in a vertical or hortizonal way, they would win the game but at the third room, there was a trap setup to stop their progress. The traps were really illusions which became more effective by the kidnapping of Orihime and Sado. The breakup of Renji and Ichigo wasn't planned by them which Ishida noticed the warping of space at that point. Nova grabs Ishida but he used the substitute license on him to cause a ball exit his body which was a mod soul. He figured out that they were mod souls by studying Kon's soul patterns. Nova was the one who manipulated space while Lilin was the one with the power of illusion. Claude suddenly appears and takes Nova's body and mod soul. They go outside to see Orihime and Sado are there since Ichigo and the others won the hide and seek game. Nova returns Ichigo and Renji's soul slayers to them as he and Lilin escaped through the gate with a warning that they should go to the school if they don't want to lose their friends.

Lilin, Nova, and Claude are really mod souls like Kon but now, the question is who gave them bodies in the first place. Also, they returned Orihime and Sado to Ichigo and the others but their next scheme is about to start with the school being in danger. The next episode has Ichigo and the others at the school trying the mod souls' scheme of whatever it is with an appearance of Soi Fong and Ukitate.


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