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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Bleach 67

Ichigo and the crew are running towards the school and find Ichigo and Renji's bodies at the entrance. They go back into their bodies before anyone see them. Lilin shows up with Nova and tells them that there's an imposter among them. Kon thinks that the imposter is either Orihime or Sado since they were captured by the enemy and tries to get Orihime to hug him but Ichigo stomps on him. Lilin tells them that if they don't find the imposter that their friends at school will disappear. They have until 12 pm to figure out the imposter but if they couldn't figure it out by the deadline, everyone at the school will be eliminated and only can answer once. Ishida asks Orihime and Sado about their time while in the gate which she couldn't remember while he said he was floating in darkness. Ishida thinks that the gate is connected to an alternate dimension and worried about the mod souls eliminating people this time around. Before they could talk more about the current situation, Keigo and the other people from school are arriving. Keigo thinks that Ichigo was having fun last night and left out of it while Tatsuki asks Orihime about her lack of school uniform even though she forgot about her existance yesterday. Keigo begins to ask Renji a bunch of questions which just annoys him and Ichigo at the same time as he gets a double kick to the head. The school bell rang which Ichigo and the others decided to go to class in order to avoid suspucion. Ishida tells Ichigo that he should called Urahara about his body. During class, Ichigo tries to think who is the imposter when Renji begins to talk to him. They begin to argue as usual when the teacher sends the "Kurosaki brothers" out to the hall. Ichigo thinks Renji is the imposter because of his goofy behavior and tries to get Renji out of his faux body. His attempt caused everyone in the class to watch them having a moment. Ichigo had to explain to the others that he wanted Renji out of his faux body to prove that he wasn't the imposter. Ishida thinks that Claude could copy their abilities as well while Lilin decides to push them a bit farther. Tatsuki was alone in the bathroom when she thought that there was someone else there but couldn't find the person. Suddenly, the lights blink on and off which she leaves the bathroom and ends up disappearing.

At Soul Society, Ukitake orders the gate to the living world to be closed but before the gate was closed, Sui Fong passed through it under the request of Yoruichi. During PE class, someone noticed that Tatsuki has disappeared. Lilin tells Orihime that more will disappear soon if they don't find the impostor soon and disappears. Orihime runs out of PE along with Ichigo, Ishida, and Sado under the excuse that they are going to the nurse's office. Orihime finds Tatsuki arm band which she's worried about her and can't trust anyone. Ichigo tells her that Tatsuki is fine and she's doing what the mod souls want. Lilin and Nova appears outside of them and tells them that they shouldn't waste any time as they have one hour left before more people disappear. Jinta answers the phone at Urahara shop which was Ichigo who want to speak to Yoruichi but she wasn't there at that moment. Renji shows up and tells them that he can't contact Soul Society. Ishida thinks that if their intuition matches up, then he could figure out the impostor from it. Ichigo thinks the imposter is Ishida which he tries to disprove it by his skills at sewing. Ishida thinks the imposter is Renji since he's the most distant people to them while he thinks that Orihime is the imposter. Orihime thinks that Sado is the imposter while he thinks that Ichigo is the imposter. Lilin shows up and tells them to look outside. They see Keigo suddenly disappeared along with two girls. Then the entire girl class along with the teacher disappeared as well. Ichigo wants her to stop dragging people who aren't involved which Lilin proposes that they give up their lives for everyone else's lives. Ichigo sees Sui Fong and Yoruichi heading towards the school but they headed up for the roof. Ichigo asks Sado what they were doing which he doesn't know but mentions that she was one brave woman to come. Ichigo says that Sado doesn't know that Yoruichi takes on cat form on the living side since he never step foot on Soul Society. He figured out that Sado was the imposter as he wouldn't get scared by a mere shattering of glass. The mod souls told them that the others are fine and they are going to play one last game as they still have Sado in their hands.

The mod souls decided this time to mess with Ichigo and the other's heads with Claude acting as a Sado impostor. They must be a serious threat to Soul Society as Ukitake closed the gate to the living world. What I still don't get is the reason why they are doing this? It doesn't make much sense to do all of this unless they want to have fun which at the point is pointless to do this at all. The next episode is going to be an one-hour special with Ichigo and the crew trying to find Sado and stop whatever plan that the mod souls have in their heads.


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