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Sunday, February 12, 2006

Canvas Two 15

Hiroki was trying to make breakfast but ran out of eggs while doing so. Elis decided that they have breakfast at a restaurant. While walking to school, he thought that being comforted by Elis was a bad thing when a green sports car pass by them. Elis thinks the person driving is the quiet type. Even Tomoko notices that Hiroki is a little bit gloomy and asks Elis if she could come to her house tonight which she accepts. After Elis and Tomoko leave, he notices Kiri running by herself and helps her wash off. He remembers her running alone when she had worries on her mind. She tells him that she's sorry for pushing him to draw but he tells her that it's no one's fault but his own. He didn't choose to stop but he couldn't anymore for some weird reason. He feels that being unable to draw was better in the long run since it opened the path of being an art teacher which he really enjoys. Hiroki passes by Yuu who tells him that the principal is looking for him. He meets with her which she says that there's a meeting tomorrow for the selection of special status students and wants him to be there along with suggestions of art students to be considered special. She tells him that she wants Shin to come back as a special instructor for next year as he was a great help to the students and to help Hiroki to draw again. He becomes rather annoyed with her when she want him to draw again and says that she has no idea how he feels since she's talented in everything. He apologizes for the comment and leaves the room. Hiroki was daydreaming doing art club time while Takeuchi notices that Elis has been taking care of him lately. Yuu and Kiri talked to each other as the vice-principal wants to oppose the increase of special students just to smite the acting prinicipal. Hiroki was walking alone when the principal appears next to him in her car and gives him a ride. He wanted her to drop him off a restaurant so he could eat but she decides to take him to an expensive restaurant instead. The waiter offers the principal (Saginomiya) some wine but she initially refuses it since she has to drive. Hiroki convinces her to have some wine by offering to drive instead which she accepts. She apologizes to him for earlier today as she was embarrassed by it but he tells him not to worry about it since he has been fighting with everyone today. Hiroki takes the drunk Saginomiya home in her car via her GPS since she was asleep.

The next day, Kiri and Elis tells Hiroki that they heard about him having a fancy dinner with Saginomiya last night and take most of his lunch. He tells them that she seems tired which Kiri explains that she has a lot of burden at a young age along with the teachers are against her and releases her stress after school. Hiroki visits Saginomiya at the gym as she practices Naginata. She has been doing it since she was a student. He tells her it's almost time for the meeting which she got changed very quickly. Saginomiya starts the meeting and wants to increase the number of special students from five to ten as she wants to nuture and support them as much as they can. She was about to start suggestions for new students when one of the staff wants to increase the overall student population instead as he believes that increasing the special students doesn't have any merit at all. He also explains that dealing with many unique and special students would be hard to do which Hiroki thinks that he's talking about Elis when he said that statement. Saginomiya counters with that it's been her policy to bring forth talent from the arts and sports and by increasing the number of students, it helps the policy even more. Another staff member doesn't believe that her opinion is the general consensus. Some of the other staff asks if she asked her sister about this which she said she didn't and should have done this in a previous meeting. Hiroki speaks up and says that he agrees with her as talented students feed off other talented students. Kiri agrees with Hiroki along with Yuu which other staff members agrees with them. The people who were against it had to follow the consensus. Afterwards, the staff members have a feast which Kiri has a better opinion of Hiroki. He sees Saginomiya talking to her sister which she gives her support. She tells him that she has been compared to her sister which makes her feel discouraged if always being compared to her. A few moments later, she karaoked with another staff member while drunk. Hiroki thinks that Saginomiya is an amazing person as she fits in with the high-class people but decides to hang out with the middle class people. Kiri tells him that she has lots of pride but no unnecessary pride. Hiroki comes back home which Elis notices that he smell of booze and tells her that he's being spoiling himself which she knew all this time. The next day, Hiroki watches Saginomiya doing Naginata when Kiri shows up. He tells her that she was with the staff all night long and decides to head to the art club now.

This episode was all about Saginomiya who has the ability to have certain amount of class to hang out with the rich people and able to hang out with the middle class as well. Even she has someone that she's always being compared to which she had to try to break away from her shadow. Nothing much on the Hiroki and Kiri watch but I still having a hard time to isolate Hiroki's inability to draw. I think it might be a combination of himself and outside factors not just one or the other. The next episode features the return of Hagino's editor.


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