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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Canvas Two 16

In the style of 24 (if you don't know what 24 is, turn on your TV at Mondays @ 9 PM EST on your local FOX station and watch it, it's a great show to watch), a countdown of 20 hours and 45 minutes begins and shows Hiroki in the kitchen and a girl walking on a sidewalk. The girl is Hagino's editor named Sugihara Shie who calls her and wonders where is she. After being unable to get hold of Hagino, Shie calls an old friend to meet up instead. Elis is doing some drawing when the doorbell rings which Hiroki answers it. It's Hagino who fakes a sad mood and invites herself in. She tells them that she haven't much sleep lately and wanted to stay here. She collaspes from hunger and lack of sleep. After eating some food, Hagino tells them that tomorrow is submission deadline for a serial novel which she haven't wrote a single word yet and been trying since yesterday morning. Her latest idea was to have the novel in a diary form from the main character during the period of meeting and separated from the guy. Her problem is that she doesn't have enough experience in romance and hoped that a change of scenery would clear her writer's block. Hagino begins to talk about Shie who describes her as the devil. Meanwhile, Shie talks with Kiri while having a beer and begins to complain about Hagino. Elis and Hiroki asks Hagino why she is her pajamas which she said that she needs to be comfortable. Elis tries to get her to write but she compares Elis to Shie. Hagino tells them that it's hard to write novels month after month which Shie tells her to write all of the time. Shie tells Kiri that she tells Hagino to write all of the time because she believes that she can write. Hagino says that when forced to write, Shie tells her that it's too mundane or not original enough. Shie doesn't want to hear the excuse of can't write because of lack of romantic experience and believes that she can write it without experiencing it. Hagino doesn't want to write romance novels anymore. Hiroki tells her that Shie was being thoughtful when saying those things but Hagino fell asleep. Kiri tells Shie that she worries about others and gives the story about while in college, she couldn't make her mind about going to Tokyo to meet the guy she liked. Shie told her to meet with him even though she didn't go in the end but she felt encouraged by her presence. Kiri believes that Hagino is encouraged by her presence and there's 18 hours left until the deadline. Elis decides to help the sleeping Hagino by brainstorming some ideas for her.

There's 16 hours and 49 minutes left until the deadline which Shie is sentimental cause of her drunken state. Shie left Kiri to go to the bathroom when Tageuchi, Sumire, Tomoko, and Tamaru showed up. They tell her that they are going to Hiroki's place to help Hagino brainstorm some ideas and leave soon afterwards. Kiri realizes that Shie is Hagino's editor and doesn't tell Shie where she is. Hiroki tells them that they should just provide ideas for her to write. So they begin their brainstorming session with Elis providing the time frame, Takeuchi with the place, Sumire with the guy, Tamaru with the girl, and Tomako with the conclusion. Their session wasn't going that well since Tomoko wanted the characters to die all the time. Kiri takes a drunken Shie back to her home while Elis and the others continue to try brainstorming ideas. During the night, Kiri was holding a plane ticket which she was going to see Hiroki with back in college when Shie asked her about him. She tells him that she was able to meet with him recently. Hagino finally wakes up to see Elis and the others asleep while Hiroki just came out of the shower. He tells about their efforts which gets her to write again. Hiroki tries to give some coffee to Hagino but she was into her writing while Shie wakes up and believes that Hagino will make it. Hagino was able to finish the novel on time and drinks some coffee with Hiroki on the balcony. They about to kiss when Elis throws a pillow at him. Elis and the others went to school to see Shie waiting for Hagino. She tells her that she was touched by her novel and looking forward to her next series. She starts to walk away when she sees Kiri and asks her if she knew Hagino.

Not much on the main storyline but get some development with Hagino and her editor, Shie. Shie isn't exactly the crazy editor who wants Hagino to work all the time. She just wants her to the best. I enjoyed the episode especially when Tomoko kept having the characters dying in the story. I'm not sure what's going on in the next episode of Canvas but it's probably a main storyline episode.


  • At 11:07 AM, Anonymous Stripey said…

    I just caught this ep too! :) I laughed out loud at Tomoko's very 'imaginative' endings. As usual Hagino's really cute but her oversized ribbons are sometimes an overkill. :)


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