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Friday, February 24, 2006

Canvas Two 17

Saginomiya announces to the teachers in the faculty room that Hiroki will be a teacher at the school next spring. Hagino tells Elis, Tomoko, and Sumire that Hiroki is going to be a teacher next spring and wants to throw a party for him. Sumire asks Elis what would make Hiroki happy which she said he would happy if she separated her laundry properly. They were thinking in terms of presents which Hagino suggests elephant underwear but the others weren't thinking the same thing that Hagino thinks of elephant underwear (others = nonsexual, Hagino = sexual). They rejected that idea and go with Sumire's idea with a cake but they haven't any experience in baking cakes. Tomoko knows that Elis is worried about Hiroki going away from being an artist and tells her to support him. She also tells her that being around him doesn't make him defeated in the artist world because she is his student. Elis, Hagino, Tomoko, and Sumire were practicing making a cake which wasn't going well when Elis's dough was gooey while Sumire broke some dishes. Elis comes back home to see that her painting that won her a trip to France has come back. Hiroki asks Elis if she's going to France or not which she doesn't know yet. He wanted to hang her painting in a visible place but she wants it in her room and tells her that she has improved a lot. Elis looks at a picture of her and Hiroki and puts it down before she started working on a painting. Takeuchi hears about Hagino's plans for a cake and decides to help out by planning a party for him. Soon, the entire school helps out with the decorations for the party and managed to hide it from Hiroki while Sumire makes a cake and the combination of Hagino and Tomoko were practicing something. Elis realizes that she needs the color red for her painting.

Elis leaves early without breakfast while Hiroki sees a letter for him. Kiri makes a date for later tonight when she sees Hagino and Elis carrying supplies for the party. They asked her to come but she has something else tonight but will come after it's over. Hiroki tells Saginomiya that he failed the public official exam but she still wants him for next spring. Tamura is acting as the distraction for Hikori while everyone is planning for the party. Kiri has dinner with Shin at a fancy restaruant which he ask about Hiroki. She tells him that it wasn't his fault for the pain that he experienced but he tells her that he nearly forgot the kind of drawings he used to make. She tells him that she will tell his paintings if he lost his style. Then they get into an awkward mood with each other which Kiri decided to leave. Tamura continues to distract Hiroki for too long and puts on an emotional act until it was time for the party. Hiroki arrives at his place to see the students have setup a party for him even though he tried to tell them that he failed. Kiri rushes towards Hiroki's place which she thinks that Shin overrates her ability to empathize as she couldn't do it with Hiroki. Kiri arrives at the party and gets dragged to a seat next to Hiroki which Hagino and Tomoko are doing the OP of Canvas. Sumire presents a cake that she baked to Hiroki while Kiri realizes that Hiroki is Hiroki regardless if he draws or not. Elis was still doing a painting when someone ask her to cut a piece of the cake. As a finale, the students decided to throw Hiroki into the air while outside. Elis shows her present to Hiroki which was a painting of himself. He goes into Elis's room and sees that she tried to use some red.

Hiroki has been accepted as a teacher at the school now but he failed the public exam. Kiri realizes that Hiroki is still the same person regardless if he's drawing or not. I think Shin was trying to get Kiri to date him more but he managed to make her feel awkward about it. Then you have Elis who still has that decision to go to France or not over her head along with some improvement with her inability to use red. It seems that the next episode covers the tragic past events of some of the characters but then again, these previews are confusing.


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