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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Canvas Two 18

Everyone in the art club is paying attention to Elis as they wondered if she's going to use red for the sunset or not. Takeuchi and Tamura have asked themselves if they were anxious to see someone else's work. Takeuchi tells the members of the art club that they are doing a cafe for the cultural festival which everyone gets to show off a dish. Hiroki feels a chill when Elis is forced to do a dish since she's terrible at cooking. Kiri asks Hiroki what the art club is doing for the festival which is a cafe while the basketball club is doing a bowling alley. She mentions that Shin is visiting for the festival while Hiroki mentions that Elis is trying to walk on her own. He comes back home to see Elis failing at the kitchen which she was trying to make omelet rice. She tells him how she got forced into making omelet rice as Takeuchi wanted to have Hiroki's version of omelet rice through Hagino. Hiroki decides to make Takeuchi eat her failed creation in order to Elis out of making it for the cafe. The next day, Elis blames Hagino for her current problem while Hagino tells her that it's her fault. Tomoko tells her that she should cooked ramen at first but comes up with another idea which she should used a different recipe than Hiroki's. Elis has Takeuchi and Hiroki eat her version of omelet rice which she takes a bite and drinks the entire glass of water afterwards. She wants Elis to practice more and to change the sauce to ketchup for the omelet rice for the cafe. Elis was afraid of her idea because of the color of the ketchup but she agrees to the idea. Hiroki takes Takeuchi home which they talked about Elis's use of the color red. She wants her to paint with no restraints which he wants as well. Elis gets out of the bathroom and walks by Hiroki's room to hear him talking to Kiri on the phone. He talks to her about how he haven't eaten omelet rice with ketchup for 10 years and that his overprotectness of her may have taken chances for Elis to overcome her trauma. Kiri believes otherwise as she thinks that he knew her pain the most and wanted to protect her for her sake.

Elis is practicing to make her omelet rice for the festival while the various clubs are setting up their booths for the festival. Hiroki gets stuck doing all the grunt work for the art club's cafe. Elis went to the supermarket to buy some ketchup which she managed to get after some fear. Kiri talks Takeuchi which her basketball club's bowling alley was cancelled on the fact that it would destroy the floor. So she decided to have a dartboard instead and asks her if she has seen Hiroki which he went to get some gas tanks for the kitchen. Elis walks out of the supermarket with some ketchup and went to cross the street but she froze on the road as she remembers the past. Sumire helps Elis off the road while Kiri tells Takeuchi the story why Elis can't use the color red for her paintings. Elis and Sumire sit on a bench which she gives Elis the turtle that she gave to her when she couldn't sing. Takeuchi knew that Elis hated red for some reason but never thought of that and apologizes for being rude to Hiroki. Kiri tells her that they should watched Elis grow without any interference when Elis shows up with some ketchup. Hiroki manages to finish up the menu for the cafe when Elis tells him that he should eat some his omelet rice. It's the day of the cultural festival which various people are doing various activities like haunted houses, darts, and etc... Takeuchi and Tamura see Hiroki pacing around which he orders omelet rice from Elis. Everyone watches as Hiroki tastes Elis's omelet rice which had a heart-shaped pattern on it and it's their grandmother's recipe. He tastes a bite of it and it was bad. Hagino, Sumire, and Tomoko tried to sneak out from tasting Elis's omelet rice which they managed to run away in time while Shin and Kiri didn't tried any of Elis's omelet rice as well.

It seems that Elis is slowly escaping her fear of the color red as she used ketchup for her omelet rice even though it was still bad. It seems that Elis needs one more thing to break the fear completely but I don't know what would be that thing is. The next episode has Kiri and Hiroki spend a night at the hot springs which might advance the plot even more.


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