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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Hellsing Ultimate 1

Hellsing Ultimate is an OVA series that follows the manga storyline more closely did its TV counterpart ever did. The first episode covers the first volume of the manga even though there were some changes to it. I'm not going to give a full summary of the episode since it's too awesome for me to do it justice. The episode begins with a young girl named Integra being chased by her uncle because he wants to kill her so he could take over the Hellsing organization since she's the current heir. She remembers her father telling her to go to the underground dungeon for something that will protect her and finds a person in it. Her uncle finds her and shoots her in the arm which her blood manages to revive the person in the cell. Now the scene shifts to a small village where three police officers in a church find a vampire and a bunch of ghouls and were quickly overwhelmed by them. Meanwhile, Integra explains to the local police about the ghouls who are basically victims who aren't virgins and basically zombies to the vampires while vampires are created from virgins. She tells them that this will be over in a few hours with one man named Alucard. The remaining police officer named Seras Victoria continues to run away from the ghouls and the vampire but ends up getting captured by the vampire. He tries to rape her so he could make her into a ghoul later but Alucard shows up. The vampire orders the ghouls to shoot at him which he appears to be dead but ends up regenerating himself completely. He pulls out his gun, the Casull and kills all the ghouls with bullets made of silver from a Lanchester cross. The vampire uses Seras as a hostage which Alucard asks her if she was a virgin which she answered yes. He shoots her right lung in order to kill the vampire with his own hand which brings up the scene where young Integra asks for Alucard's name. Seras tries to reach for the moon with her last moments while remembering her parent's deaths and was crying as well. Then she has a dream with a bunch of ghouls chasing her in a comedic fashion and meets with Alucard who feeds on her. The next thing she knew, she woke up without the big hole in the chest and now, she's a vampire. Integra gives Seras her first mission to kill two vampires who been feeding on families. Alucard managed to easily take out the guy vampire after he ran out of bullets while Seras took out the female vampire with her newfound nightvision and enhanced sight. Integra is worried about the recent spike in vampire attacks and thinks that someone has been manufacturing vampires.

Father Anderson talks to a member of the Iscariot who tells him about the recent vampires attacks in England. Anderson says why they should worried about it since it's the Protestants' problem but the guy tells him otherwise as there's an incident in Northern Ireland. He wants Anderson to go there and deal with the problem before Hellsing deals with it. Seras is sitting outside while Alucard is dealing with the ghouls until he tells her to come inside. They deal with the ghouls in the building which Seras was becoming more in tune with her vampire side. She was about to taste some blood when she got stabbed multiple times. Suddenly, a barrier was formed as Anderson walked down the steps and meets Alucard. Ingetra learns that Iscariot is on the move with sending Anderson as the only member and decides to head there now. Anderson already took care of the vampire and wants to kill Alucard and Seras. He manages to stab Alucard but he shoots him in the head. He thought that would kill him but it wasn't as he continues to attack Alucard. Anderson manages to pin him to the wall as he realizes that Anderson is a regenerator and stabs him multiple times along with chopping off his head. He goes off the weaken Seras who has Alucard's head with her. Anderson pins Alucard's head to the wall with his knife. She tries to escape from him but the barrier he put up earlier traps her in. Alucard's head turns into blood and tells her to drink it so she can become a true vampire. Anderson was about to kill her when Integra shows up to save the day. Anderson kills her two bodyguards but Integra blocks his attack on her life. He soon finds himself in a losing situation as Alucard comes back to life. Anderson runs away since he didn't have the proper equipment to deal with Alucard's power. Alucard asked Seras why she didn't drink his blood which she answered that she might lose a part of her.

The animation for the first episode was great along with the music. It was great to see the comedic aspect of Hellsing. Yeah, you heard me. Comedic. Even though the comedic scene was a bit different from the manga, it was still funny. I can't wait when Alucard starts talking to a certain something. That's going to be very funny. Some other changes were that young Integra scenes didn't occur all at once and more detailed. Also, the church scene with Seras and two other officers didn't happen in the manga. Also, they removed a good part of two vampires part. They followed the Anderson part of the manga perfectly which was the best part of the episode. Now, they showed a guy in glasses at the end who's going to play a major role soon but I don't remember the girl that well in the manga. I think the next episode will covered the Valentine Brothers arc in the manga. It should looked great as well.


  • At 11:14 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    The trailer for Hellsing Ultimate Episode 2 is out! It shows scenes from the Alucard/Luke Valentine showdown and Alucard's monstrous transformation.
    You can watch it from the Geneon site, or watch it here on YouTube:


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