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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Jigoku Shoujo 5

A request for revenge comes to Emma which the helpers mention that the person has been doing this everyday and decided not to do the request. The girl who entered the request was ordered to it by an older woman who wishes to use Jigoku Shoujo to expand her company. The older woman leaves the girl to go out to eat with someone and tells her to come in early tomorrow morning. The girl named Misato has exams but the older woman tells her that they have a board meeting and uses the grateful help plea to get her to come to work tomorrow. Misato heads home and passes by Wanyuudou who's acting as a security guard. The woman helper of Emma named Honda talks to one of the office ladies of Dead Line who mentions that the older woman is Kaifu Riho and her friends founded the company as university students. Riho is the only original member left which her composure, computer skills, and managerial intellect managed to expand the company pretty well. Riho meets with Honda while the office lady was explaining the company to her with Emma watching from behind. Riho hears from one of the execs that the Midori Syndicate refused an offer and thinks they might change with a little bit of luck. Then she talks about expanding the network which the execs say that they will leave it up to her entirely. She leaves the meeting and tells Misato that there was no need for her to come while Emma watches them. Honda asks the office ladies about Misato who's a distant relative of Riho which she's been taking care of her after her parents' deaths. She works part time as part of her social studies requirements and computer illiterate and basically does cleaning, tea serving, and companionship. During the night, Wanyuudou hears about the death of Midorikawa Raizou who refused Riho's offer earlier while Riho has Misato hacked into their system to make appear that Raizou transfer 75% of the shares to her. Riho doesn't really know about computers while Misato does know computers. It's midnight and tried to use Jigoku Shoujo again but Emma ignores it. Riho orders Misato to trace the person who opens up Hell's Correspondance which she further convinces her to do by mentioning her past as a shoplifter. Misato mentions that she has done everything that Riho ask but the company's firewall and security was breached. The other guy helper talks to a manager of one of Dead Line's stores and mentions about the fact that the company hires only women. The manager explains that all the guys were transferred to the affiliate branches when the focus of the company shifted to women and no chance of getting back to the head office. Wanyuudou gets some information at a police office while the other guy dines with the manager and asks about a shoplifter. The manager mentions a strange order year ago which he had to report any shoplifters to Riho before turning them over to the police and mentions Misato as a shoplifter. Later that night, Emma and the others watched the tape which Misato stole an item. Honda mentions that Misato doesn't know how to use a computer but the other guy told her otherwise while Riho is the illiterate one. Wanyuudou found out that Misato isn't Riho's relative while Honda says that Riho's ex-boyfriend was a computer expert which they broke up before the massive expansion of the company. The team realized that Misato is being used to help Riho expand the company by illegal means.

Misato woke up by her phone which Riho tells her that a strange guy called her. He wanted 100 million if she wanted the company's secret intact. Riho tells her to find out who the guy is by tomorrow. She ended up working during the night and gives Riho the report the following morning which she just tells her to go to school once in a while along with forgetting about Jigoku Shoujo. Later that night, the police found the body of Kobayashi Tooru who was the hacker from yesterday which Misato has evidence of Riho making the call to take him out. Riho realizes that Misato was trying to take her down for killing her father. He had to help Riho to hide a molestation charge but he was going to turn himself into the police when she had him kill. Riho had a detective to follow Misato around which he found out about the shoplifting on purpose along with the hackers compromising the system. She killed the security guard as well to rid of Misato which she tells her that she's going to Hell. Riho tells her it would be decades before that happens and life is a game as a person's true value is enjoying themselves until it's game over. Misato activated the sprinkers to get away from Riho and the assassin and finds a computer to use Hell Correspondance. She types in Riho's name and immediately transported to Emma's world. She's given the doll along with the warning of using it but she decides to pull the string immediately. Riho wonders if the guy took care of her and gets transported to the past as she enters the room to see her boyfriend and another girl making out. She ends up killing him and the girl which started her current life style and gets haunted by clones of herself. She leaves the room to only encounter Honda and the others while Emma ferries Riho to Hell. The next day, the office lady was telling Honda that the robber was caught while supposely killing the security guard who seems to be fine along with Misato now staying at Riho's mansion. The other office lady asks her who she was talking to which she doesn't know. Emma and the team leaves the company while Misato remembers Riho's words about life.

This episode was much better than the previous episode. It had more interaction with Emma and the others compared to the previous episodes. It seems that you can't just use Jigoku Shoujo to kill people but you have to an injustice wronged to you in order to use it. The thing I found most interesting is that Misato became Riho at the end as she killed Riho to get what she wants. The people who used Emma to get revenge haven't become the person they hated. The next episode deals with a girl named Yasuda Haruka who wants revenge on her mother for seeing something that she shouldn't have.


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