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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Kage Kara Mamoru 1

A bunch of thugs tried to break into a house where they were immediately captured by a ninja. The next day, a girl named Konnyaku Yuna leaves her home for school only to trip over a dog named Bluemaru who's actually the next door neighbor's dog. She goes to Kagemori Mamoru's house so they could walk to school together who are now juniors in high school. They arrived at the school to find out that they are in the same classroom together which makes them together for 13 years now. A remote control plane goes out of control and head towards Mamoru and Yuna which a throwing dagger destroys it. Yuna is worried about Mamoru passing this year when Sawagashi Airi appears. She talks about some Chinese myth about two lovers who meet each other only once a year. She's complaining that she isn't the same class as Yuna and thinks there's a conspiracy against them. She starts on Mamoru and tells him not to be so friendly with Yuna or she will beat the crap out of him. The bell rings a few seconds later which Airi invites Yuna to some bowling after school which she accepts. Airi hoped that it would be Yuna and her alone but Mamoru tagged along which made her mad. Airi asks Mamoru how he knew Yuna for so long while Yuna tries to knock the pins over with very below average bowling skills. He tells her that their fathers were best friends and became neighbors. Airi mentions how childhood romances don't work out which never crossed his mind and tells him that she will help with him to get closer to Yuna. She warns Mamoru not to close to her which only leads to her getting hurt while he escapes from her advice. Meanwhile in the boys bathroom, four men in black are inspecting some fake Purupuru Nintotto dolls which could go up to 100K when Yuna suddenly appears (entered the whole bathroom.) She thinks that they are playing with dolls in the bathroom because it's cool now and wanted to play with them. They kidnapped Yuna and take her to their hideout but a ninja was observing from above.

The men in black talked to their boss named Hidou Saemon who gets bitten by his pet fish. He decides to have some fun with her while she's sleeping when the ninja busts into the room. He takes out the henchman quickly while Hidou pulls out a gattling gun and fires it at the ninja. The ninja manages to come out undamaged which Hidou faints because of his fish. The ninja is revealed to be Mamoru who's worried about Yuna. He carries her home while talking to Airi who makes him pay for the entire bowling session. Yuna wakes up to find hin carrying her and talks about the things she saw in the bathroom. He tells her that she was having a dream and wants her to get off but she refuses to do so. Mamoru is at home and notices her mother named Kagemori Sakurako was still in her ninja outfit as she had to chase off a saleslady for someone. Then she had to do some other things and didn't have time to change. Mamoru's father named Kagemori Kengo comes home and rips off his business suit to reveal a ninja outfit. He had to beat up some brats at the train station. Sakurako knew about Mamoru beating up the guys today which Kengo reminds him that he must protect Yuna while he and she protected Yuna's parents. After taking a bath, Yuna talks to Mamoru from her room since their rooms are facing each other. She asks him what he and Airi were talking about which how childhood friends can't be lovers. He thinks that they know everything about each other which Yuna decides to quiz him. Yuna's favorite food is Kamaboko while her favorite fruit is banana and hates crab roe. She likes the color pink and good at tennis. She specializes in making mittens and her birthday is May 1st. Her kindergarten nickname is Crybaby Yuna-san. Then she asks him what she looks at in her desk before she goes bed which he doesn't know. She's happy that he doesn't know a couple of things about her while she doesn't know a few things about him. He asks her why she gave the quiz but she decides to go to bed. She looks at a picture of Mamoru and her in her desk before turning off the lights. Meanwhile, a female samurai examines Hidou's office to see a cut bullet.

This series is about Mamoru who's a high school ninja who protects his neighbor, Yuna from any danger because his family has to protect Yuna's family which they have done for 400 years. I don't really like Yuna that much because she's too much of an airhead while the other characters are just as boring. The animation and music are just average at best. I won't be blogging it but still keep watching it because they are a couple more characters that haven't appeared yet. The next episode has the samurai girl facing off against Mamoru for some reason.


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