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Saturday, February 04, 2006

Kasimasi ~Girl Meets Girl~ 3

The pink girl and the guy fondles Hazumu as he remembers the guy from the alien ship. The guy introduces the girl as Jan who's actually the ship's computer in human form based off of Hazumu and that he's here to observe humans. The next day, Hazumu wakes up with Jan and makes sure that she isn't seen by his parents but the guy is eating with them. Hazumu tells his friends that he'll be ready in a few minutes which Asuta gets excited by his breasts. Asuta gets a kick from Tomari while Hazumu screams out loud which Namiko decides to help him. She ends up running into a pole and falling down onto the street. She notices the alien and falls in love with him even though he doesn't want to observe her. Hazumu tells a couple of girls about how Tomari saved him from the reporters as she threw them with ease which wasn't the case. Ayuki mentions that Tomari has receieved love letters from girls before which she tries to deny them as fan letters. The other girls became attracted to Tomari and mentions how Tomari is more like a guy than a girl. Ayuki sees Yasuna looking all depressed and runs away after Hazumu sees her. Namiko makes the students repeat her love life in English when Jan shows up and hugs Hazumu. The alien guy mentions that only Hazumu (and probably his parents) can see and hear them as he's here to observe the school. Namiko feels Jan and the alien's presence which she tries to find him and ends up falling off the balcony again. Later in the day, Yasuna is playing her flute on the balcony when a girl asked her if she wanted to go to the dance with some guys. Yasuna refuses but a guy comes in and tries to get to her to come but she sees the guy as fuzzy and still refuses to go. Then she sees Hazumu waters the garden and remembers the day where he and her planted the flowers in the garden. Another girl asks Yasuna if she wanted to go to karaoke but she refuses once again and promises that she will go with them next time. She leaves the school and sees Hazumu waiting for her at the entrance and didn't want to talk to him.

Yasuna arrives at her house and answers her phone. It was her mother who wanted to take her out to dinner which she refused the request as she wanted them to be together by themselves. She remembers when she was young that her father was all fuzzy as well while eating some potato chips alone. Meanwhile, Hazumu is eating alone at a restaruant when Tomari shows up and asks her about the love letters. Then he asked her if she started to dislike the person because of the love letter which she doesn't know but mentions that you wouldn't start disliking the person because of it. Hazumu leaves the restaurant while his father is taking pictures of Jan and imagining Hazumu showing him his breasts which his mother beats him up for it. Hazumu comes home to change and gets some things before heading off again. Tomari thinks about what Hazumu said earlier in the restauant while Yasuna sleeps with a picture of Hazumu. The next day, Yasuna wakes up to see that her parents have left for work already along with one of her plants wilting away. She remembers the time where Hazumu explains that some plants have different conditions to live and knows that his heart is beautiful. She cries about the memory before opening the curtains to see Hazumu outside of her house. She runs out to meet with him to see that he's all dirty and gives her the plant that she dug out of the garden. He tells her that he wants to be friends with her even though he was rejected along with that he was happy to see her next to him after the change. Yasuna knew that he had feelings for her but she was afraid even though she was happy when he confessed. He doesn't want the way the things are going to continue and just want to be friends. Yasuna decides to accept the flowers and went to plant them at the garden. Tomari and Asuta sees them together which she was mad as he didn't tell her that he left early.

I find it interesting that how Yasuna sees most guys as fuzzy to her. They don't seem to have much of an impact on her except for Hazumu who manages to stick to her mind. Yasuna was avoiding him because she was afraid that he might leave her one day. Tomari on the other hand has feelings for Hazumu but he sees her as a childhood friend and nothing more than that. She probably feels awkward that she's helping him with his love life and maybe a bit jealous. Both of the main girls are rather interesting characters as they have their own problems while trying to win Hazumu's attention to them. The next episode will have Hazumu and Yasuna going out on together while Tomari tries to deal with them together.


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