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Friday, February 10, 2006

Kasimasi ~Girl Meets Girl~ 4

Tomari is sitting alone in the classroom looking at the rainy landscape when she remembers seeing Yasuna and Hazumu at the rooftop garden talking to each other. Then she saw them tasting some sour strawberries which made Tomari sad and left. She sees Yasuna and Hazumu not in the room. Namiko is walking with a teacher and has the feelings of love once again. She ends up falling down the stairs before entering the classroom. She introduces her new assistant teacher of Life Science named Sora Hitoshi who's actually the alien guy. Namiko mentions that Sora is a relative of Hazumu. After class, Hazumu talks to Sora which he wanted to study a closed environment and figure being a part of it is a good idea. Jan shows up which nobody can see her except for Hazumu and Sora while Yasuna is talking to a guy and a girl. The guy wants Yasuna other people to hear her flute playing which she refuses to do so as she has no confidence in her ability. Yasuna asks Hazumu if he wants to go to the library which he does and goes off with him. The guy wonders if he said something weird which the girl tells him that she's a late bloomer. Tomari is trying to figure out a way to practice which she orders the other members to run up and down the stairs and was about to join them when she sees Yasuna outside. She tells Tomari that she's waiting for Hazumu which Tomari wonder why she was looking into the sky blankly. Tomari tells her that he's happy that he and Yasuna are friends again and mentions how he tells her everything. Yasuna said that she was in the wrong and became happy when he wanted to be friends with her again. Hazumu shows up which Tomari tells him not to make people wait long before leaving. Yasuna takes Hazumu to a clothes store that she goes to and pick out a dress that flowers and plants on it. Hazumu tells her about how Tomari doesn't have the fashion sense and just tells him to pick one. Hazumu tries on the dress which fits him pretty well and they ended walking together as a pair. They see another couple dressed as a pair which Yasuna mentions if they look like lovers. They both get embarrassed by it which Yasuna sees a couple of her friends from the Orchestra exited a karaoke bar. Hazumu asks Yasuna if she wanted to karaoke but she doesn't even though she never been in one before. Tomari is doing sit-ups with the team and thinks about Hazumu and Yasuna eating the strawberry which makes her do more sit-ups at a faster rate. Hazumu and Yasuna are at a karaoke bar which he explains his only experience at one. He tells her that Tomari and Ayuki did all the singing and didn't want to share the mic. Tomari sang badly and did wild dances while Ayuki sang Enka which scared him and Asuta. Hazumu tries to order up a song but only orders Special Banana Honey Toast many times until Yasuna managed to cancel all the orders. They laughed together which freaks out Hazumu a little bit. Then he tries to get to the mic to sing the song but ends up tripping on a wire and on top of Yasuna. She put her hand on his face while Tomari had to go back home with a broken umbrella.

Yasuna lays on her bed and remembers what happened afterwards when she touched his face which he decided to focus on the song. Hazumu's father was taking pictures of a depressed Hazumu and even unloosens one of his straps and gets beat up by his mother for it. Hazumu was thinking about the events in the karaoke when Jan hugs him. Sora asks Hazumu if he's feeling love which he denies. His mother tells him that Tomari is downstairs who wanted to return a Hayato CD and before she leaves, he asks her if they wanted to go clothes shopping at the place that Yasuna goes to. Tomari wasn't too thrilled about it and ask if he enjoyed being with Yasuna which he was. Ayuki was walking around and sees a depressed Tomari reading a manga while thinking about Hazumu. Ayuki talks to Tomari and tells her about walking is good for the mind. Then she tells her that she has two choices: to walk up to the stage or to step down from it. Tomari exits the store afterwards. The next day, Tomari tries to fix her umbrella when she hears Yasuna and Hazumu talking to each other. She looks over that direction which Yasuna gives her a nasty look and turns her back on her and leaves with Hazumu. Tomari thinks about Ayuki's words when she breaks part of her umbrella. Hazumu and Yasuna were at the garden when she tells him the story how the garden was very small and that she watched him from the music room making it bigger and bigger. She mentions that he has the purest heart out from everyone and tells him that she loves him while Tomari watches from the music room. Yasuna loses her umbrella and embraces Hazumu. She tries to kiss him when Tomari yells out his name which makes Yasuna and Tomari run away. Tomari is now all confused about what to do now and meets up with Yasuna. She tells her that she loves Hazumu but Tomari tells her that she dumped and hurt him before while a confused Hazumu stands alone in the rain.

I didn't expect that the series would take a such dark turn so early in the game. Yasuna decides to tell Hazumu that she loves him from the very beginning. It seems that Hazumu is confused himself if he's in love with Yasuna as he seems to run away from the issue. The most troubled person in all of this is Tomari who fighting a battle on multiple fronts as she doesn't want Hazumu to be with Yasuna but at the same time, she tries to support Hazumu with his problems with Yasuna. She wants to be with him as lovers but he doesn't see her as a lover only Yasuna. All three of them have some major problems to resolve or this girl triangle will get even worse before it would get better. The next episode seems to be focused on drawing along with the aftermath of the events in this episode.


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