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Monday, February 27, 2006

Kasimasi ~Girl Meets Girl~ 5

Yasuna is in her room drawing a picture of Hazumu while remembering the words that Tomari said to her on that rainy day. Sora does some testing on Hazumu while talking about matters of love to him which makes Hazumu all crazy. He asks if homosexual love is forbidden which he doesn't give an answer to him. While walking to school, Hazumu asks Asuta if he had someone he likes which makes him crazy with weird thoughts. Then Hazumu drops the subject since he thinks that Asuta isn't interested in love which makes him all sad. Ayuki watches Tomari doing her laps while she thinks about the almost kiss between Yasuna and Hazumu. Yasuna and Tomari meet outside of the school and didn't say anything to each other until Hazumu and Asuta appeared. Hazumu and Yasuna walked into the school together with Tomari not too far behind. Yasuna asks Hazumu if they could be together for the sketching trip which he agrees. Then Tomari shows up and asks him if they could draw each other on the trip which brings an awkward silence between all three of them. Sora brought some sunflowers that he altered so they would move on their own. Jan warns Hazumu not be tangled by the sunflowers while Namiko and Ayuki admired Sora and Asuta is tangled by one of the sunflowers. Yasuna picks up Umeda's notebook but she can't tell who Umeda is or any other guy for that matter since they are fuzzy to her. Namiko wanted Sora to eat lunch with her but he's too interested in Yasuna. She asks Hazumu to get last year's sketches from the sketching trip which Sora joins him. Hazumu found the sketches which Sora pulls out Yasuna's sketch from last year which he notices that the guys were featureless as Asuta was next to Hazumu who was drawn. Sora tells Hazumu that he doesn't know anything about Yasuna. During the night, Hazumu's father tries to get a peak of Hazumu in the bath but his mother stops him once again. The next day, Hazumu's class is in the mountains for the sketching trip which Tomari and Yasuna wanted Hazumu with them.

Asuta wanted to join Hazumu, Tomari, and Yasuna but Ayuki pulls him away from them. Both Yasuna and Tomari wanted to draw Hazumu which Yasuna shows her previous work along with Tomari's quick drawing of him. Tomari mentions how Yasuna hurt Hazumu in the past and wants her to give her an answer how she can hurt him so easily which Hazumu tells Tomari to shut up about it. Class was over and Yasuna visits the flower garden when Hazumu shows up as he asks her if they could walk home together since Tomari has supplementary lessons. She refuses his request as she thinks that she shouldn't be at Hazumu's side but he wants to know her as he saw her sketch from last year. He realized from seeing that he doesn't know anything about Yasuna. They go to the classroom which Yasuna tells Hazumu that she can't see men. She tells him that she used to see her father but one day, he became fuzzy along with all the other guys in her life. Since she couldn't tell the differences between guys, she had hurt a lot of guys which because of that, she decided to live alone to avoid hurting anyone. When she met Hazumu, she could see him perfectly even though he was a guy and that he change her entire world. She was afraid that Hazumu would become fuzzy as well and rejected him because of that even though he was willing to stay by her side. She tells him that she loved him from the first time they met but didn't know what to do. She ran out of the room as Hazumu realizes that she only thought of him while couldn't understand her pain and sadness. Yasuna came back to the classroom and tells Hazumu that she doesn't want to regret anymore and kisses him. Then Tomari enters the room and drops all of her things as she saw them kissed each other.

Well, this episode has Tomari losing points to Hazumu as she couldn't drop Yasuna's rejection of Hazumu which he was tired of hearing it from her. Hazumu finally understands why Yasuna rejected him the first time around as she was afraid that he would become fuzzy to her just like the other guys in her life. It seems that we have come to full circle as we are at the point where the kiss scene from the first episode is replayed at the end of this episode. The next episode will deal with Tomari's handling of the situation after seeing Yasuna and Hazumu kissing each other in the classroom.


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