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Monday, February 27, 2006

Kasimasi ~Girl Meets Girl~ 6

Tomari leaves her supplementary classes and walked towards the classroom to see Yasuna and Hazumu kissing each other. She decides to play it off without showing any anger and leaves the room. Hazumu tries to chase after her but Yasuna stops him to tell him that she's glad he accepted her. Tomari thinks that everything is all right as Hazumu had feelings for Yasuna for a long time but she kicks a soccer ball very hard knocking down Asuta and Namiko and Jan catches the ball. Sora tells her that repressing your feelings of love is a hard thing to do. Tomari sits alone on a barrel near the river during the night remembering the time when she and Hazumu were kids. Hazumu wanted to be Tomari's bride but she had to correct him as he's supposed to be the gloom not the bride. He wanted to be her gloom but she tells him that she doesn't want a crybaby gloom and throws a rock to get rid of the flashback. The next day, Tomari and the others picked up Hazumu which Asuta congratulates Tomari for finishing supplementary classes. Then Tomari tells everyone that Hazumu and Yasuna are going out now which she is going to support them. She pushes Hazumu towards Yasuna and leaves them to be. They ended up going to the roof garden and picked tomatoes. Hazumu asks Tomari if he could borrow her notebook but she tells him to use Yasuna's notebook instead. Then he asks Tomari if they could go to the auditorium together but she tells them to go with Yasuna instead. Hazumu asks Tomari if they could have lunch together as he has lots of tomatoes but she tells him to eat them with Yasuna and that she would be uncomfortable with the two of them being close together. Tomari asks Ayuki if she's being a spiteful person which she tells her that she is. Yasuna and Hazumu are eating lunch together but Hazumu isn't himself and not really eating. He asks her how she made the dish which she asks him if he could go to her house together so he can learn how to cook. Tomari was running when she sees Hazumu and Yasuna having fun watering the plants together.

Yasuna gives Hazumu the cookbook which her dog, Elbert barks at him. She manages to get the dog under control and realizes that she hasn't fed him from Hazumu's comment. Meanwhile, Tomari has been singing karaoke nonstop seven times in the row with Asuta and Ayuki which Ayuki made her stop. She tells her that she can't run away from reality. Yasuna beats Hazumu in chess which he notices that she has the same CD that he has. The both of them listen to it after they take their baths and just before falling asleep. He tells her that he saw her angry side today and wants to understand her a bit by bit. They were about to kiss each other when Hazumu sees a young Tomari. Hazumu's father tries to see him naked as usual and thinks that he will succeed this time since his mother isn't around but Jan stops him this time. Hazumu tries to think why he saw Tomari when he tried to kiss Yasuna and remembers the incident when they were kids. He tries to find Tomari at her house but she wasn't there. Tomari is at the same place as last night and remembers more of the incident. She tells young Hazumu that her gloom must be cool and manly when the current Hazumu shows up. He tries to tell Tomari his feelings but couldn't at first. He tells her that she's important and want to stay by his side forever but she slaps him. She asks him if he loves Yasuna and decided to be by her side. He tells that he wants to be with Yasuna but doesn't want to lose Tomari this way and doesn't want being unable to talk with her. He tells her that he remembers the promise that they made as kids which if he could make it to the other side that he will be Tomari's gloom. He does the promise to her right now which makes Tomari chased after Hazumu and tries to kiss him but ends up embracing him instead. She tells him that she loves him.

Tomari tries to get Hazumu to forgot about her and focused on Yasuna but he didn't want her to remove herself from his life. She tried to so hard to get them alone that Hazumu just wanted Tomari to be around as his friend. He couldn't be with Yasuna unless he fixes his problems with Tomari. I'm not quite sure who Hazumu really likes as he and Tomari had a special moment at the end of the episode. Does he like Yasuna or Tomari more? It's just a big question mark at this point. The ED was changed slightly as it didn't play the normal instrumental track but just the piano version. I prefer the normal instrumental over just the piano playing in the background. The next episode is the beach episode.


  • At 12:19 PM, Blogger Animus Foetus said…

    This was chapter 8 from manga, with a little changes, but every minute as envojable as well done. Keep looking for tomorrows episode (8 in Japan)


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