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Sunday, February 05, 2006

The Law of Ueki 33

Ueki is being treated for his wounds in the medicial room which the fight between the Marilyn and Caption teams is about to start. Mori and Souya are freaking out that everyone saw them fight and decides to rush Ueki to the montior room. Pekol asks God's assistant if he could retire from the battle which he accepts the request and will be sent back to Earth soon. Team Ueki try to rush to the montior room when they encountered Yacchan who tells them that the battle was over. The Marilyn team managed to defeat the entire Caption team in five minutes which shocks everyone. Sano thought team Caption was weak but Ueki knows that they are a powerful team as they see them being carted to the medicial room. Then they meet with the Marilyn team who gives them a few words and a wink before walking away. Ueki is overlooking a rooftop when he sees Rihou down below. Meanwhile, Mori is freaking out that everyone knows that she doesn't know her power and is afraid that she may have to fight without knowing her power. Mori tried everything on the list that Sano gave to her which none of them worked which Rinko begins to start insulting his list. They begin to argue like a couple while Mori asks Souya where Ueki went which he doesn't know where he went. Rihou tells Ueki that he can't beat the Marilyn team at his current state and demends that he fights him in order to show him why. He tells Ueki that if he could still stand when sun sets down, he wins the fight and could beat the Marilyn team. Ueki decides to fight him but refuses to accept the rule about the sun setting and wants the fight end when one of them goes down for the count. Tenko tries to get Ueki to think about his actions but he starts off the fight with Ressen but Rihou manages to divert it upwards and manages to close the distance between them very fast and punches Ueki into a wall. The technique that Rihou used was Ankei which he focused his Ki at a single spot. God's assistant shows up to stop the fight between them as battles outside of the matches aren't allowed. Rihou knocks him out and manages to wipe his short term memory along with it. Ueki and Rihou continued their battle which Ueki uses Ranma on him but he counters it with Tai Chi Chuan. It basically repels any opponent's attacks with a circular motion. Ueki tries to use Masshu on him but he easily avoids it. He runs away and fires Kurogane at Rihou who manages to stop the shot with Tai Chi Chuan. Then Ueki tries Galiver which fails as he capture an after image. At that point, Ueki realizes that Rihou is strong because he doesn't use his power unlike Ueki who depends on his Sacred Treasures too much. Rihou begins to transfer his power into his solar plexus which gives off a fiery aura around him and charges at Ueki.

Rihou was about to walk away when Ueki got back up as he realizes that he can get stronger. Ueki does the exact same thing that Rihou did earlier which results in him having an fiery aura around him as well. Mori tries to find Ueki and notices God's assistant sleeping. Then she sees Ueki and Rihou fighting each other. Ueki charges at Rihou who barely managed to survive the attack. Rihou goes into full power as well and manages to fend off Ueki who became berserk because of his inability to control his own power. Rihou manages to stop Ueki's power up which caused massive damage on his body. He tells Ueki to use a smaller amount of power next time before walking away but Ueki refuses to give up. Rihou tells Mori to help Ueki back to the hotel but Ueki manages to stand up after the sun set. He declares Ueki the winner of the fight but Ueki refuses to accept that and tries to fight him again but he collapsed from his wounds. Rihou tells him that if he wants to settle things, then beat everyone who stands in his way and make it to the next round which he will be waiting for him. He wants to fight the Ueki will be stronger in the future than the current Ueki which he tells Rihou that he will make it to the fourth round. God's assistant finally wakes up and has a cold.

It seems that Ueki has a new ability which allow him to fight in close combat which his Sacred Treasures are unable to do. Once again, Rihou didn't use his power which is still unknown at this point. I got a feeling that Ueki and Rihou will fight again which Rihou will need to use his power to stand a chance against Ueki. Also, a new OP and ED song and sequence appears in this episode. The OP reveals some things that might happen in the future like God facing off against Margaret and that Ueki will gain the power to fly which might be the 9th Sacred Treasure. The next episode will have Team Ueki facing off against the Marilyn team who claims that they can defeat them in four minutes.


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