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Sunday, February 05, 2006

The Law of Ueki 34

Inumaru is worried about the others as he does farming, baseball, and while in prison. While Koba-san doesn't seem worried with his sleeping and getting Inumaru into trouble. One of the guards meets with Yocchan as he wanted to visit them and managed to get his wish by briding the guards with something. Yocchan meets with them to gain their favor when he becomes assistant to them and bribed the guards with the God cards that Ueki won in the first round. He also brought a TV/VCR combo to show them the results of the first battle. Inumaru realizes that Koba-san did care about Ueki and the others. Team Ueki was about to set off to fight the Marilyn team when Yocchan shows up with a message from Koba-san. He tells them that their battles will be tougher along with an individual message. He tells Mori not to overdo it as she still doesn't know her power but she provides them with courage. Souya hears that Nero is doing well in Hell. Rinko is the brains and must be calm about it. Sano must win his battles so Inumaru won't be worried about him. He tells Ueki to fullful his justice to end the message. The battle between Ueki and Marilyn is about to start as Mori is shaking as she still doesn't know what her power is. Rinko managed to narrow down the list to two powers which are the ability to change her right hand into a noveau riche and the ability to change a stamp into a mouse. The twist is that Sano remembered both of them wrong. Ueki promises Mori that he will protect her while Souya saids that the three of them will protect him which makes Sano mad a little bit. Team Marilyn shows up as Marilyn Carry didn't sleep last night as she wanted to battle Ueki so badly. The other members of the team are Memory, Matthew, Pudding, and Baron. God explains the rule of this fight as they fight in Gentle Ghost Town and each member is given a necklace which has a certain point value either one point or ten points. Four of them are one point while the other necklace is ten points and they don't know the point value of the necklace themselves. The necklaces can be only taken by knocking out the opponent. Mori is happy about this while Marilyn tells Ueki that she hoped that he gotten stronger from the previous fight. Rinko thinks the town doesn't have any ghost until Souya notices there was a ghost. Team Ueki was walking around the town when they were attack by the other team with machine gun fire which Fuudou blocked all the shots. They entered into a building which Marilyn collasped the entrance to.

Marilyn asks Memory how long they took to defeat Team Caption which was 5 minutes and 7 seconds and thinks they can defeat them in four minutes. Ueki and Rinko used Kurogane and Bead Cannon to attack the team but it only caused part of the roof to come down. Marilyn planned on them coming in here so they can eliminated the Bead Cannon and the Sacred Treasures. Sano uses his Boomerang Cutter but Matthew avoids them while Pudding throws a flash grenade at them. Sano protects Souya from gunfire while Ueki protects Mori from Baron's knife attack but Marilyn manages to take Rinko's necklace which was only worth one point. Sano and Mori hated themselves for being unable to protect themselves but Ueki tells them that nobody's perfect and must work together to defeat them and suggests that they should run away. Marilyn agrees with Ueki's game plan but thinks that it's hard for them to run away and could easily defeat them. Ueki uses Ressen as a ramp and escapes with everyone else on Raika and Marilyn couldn't defeat them in four minutes. They are able to track them with a device that she planted on Ueki. Sano wants to take Rinko somewhere save and then come back but Mori wants to think up a plan. Tenko realizes that everyone is angry and will be defeated at this rate. Ueki suddenly stops and tells the others that he has a plan. He tells them to run away while he stays behind. The others run away while Ueki fights off the entire Marilyn team. Ueki stays behind to protect the others while being overwhelmed by the teamwork of the Marilyn team. He begins to remember Rihou's words and uses the circular counterattack along with the Heavenly Power to fight off Baron. Memory realizes that Ueki doesn't have a plan and just acting as a decoy. He says that she call him and the others fools for protecting others but they are fools for being deceived by a fool. This makes Marilyn to use her full strength against Ueki.

Team Ueki gets a message from Koba-san which raises their spirits a little bit but the Marilyn team is able to stand on their own against them and haven't used their powers so far yet. Team Ueki needs to get some great teamwork if they have a chance to defeat them. The next episode continues the battle with Ueki facing off against Baron along with the backstory of the Marilyn team.


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