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Friday, February 10, 2006

The Law of Ueki 35

Mori, Sano, Souya, and an injured Rinko are running away to find a place to hide Rinko while Ueki fights off the entire Marilyn team. The Marilyn team have been soldiers since they were young which Ueki didn't seem to care. Marilyn managed to convince him to listen to their story which they were born and raised on the battlefield. They received special training when they were kids so they could fight in battle one day. Ueki realizes that their soldier training made them so strong without their powers and that their powers just make them a lot stronger. They ended up not fighting in the war which Marilyn's father's business made him a millionaire and hired the other four as servants. Ueki asks her what their goal was which they don't have one except fighting on the battlefield because she feels alive when she fights. Ueki realizes that Marilyn only lives to fight and doesn't have good or evil in her eyes. Everyone in the Marilyn team except for Baron chased after the others. Marilyn orders Baron to block Ueki which he doesn't do well at first since Ueki tells him to move out of his way. Baron realizes his mistake and catches up to him. He starts fighting him with his knife and nearly stabs a couple of his toes. Baron explains that he follows Marilyn's orders to the very end because she helped him as a child and tells him that listening to people is the best thing to do. She helped him through the training and became loyal to her for life. Ueki tries to escape from Baron with Raika but Baron threw his knife at him and somehow managed to get behind him. He asks what Baron's power which he told him that he can change his location with the location of a knife. Ueki tries using Galiver on him but he managed to use the knife to teleport out of it. Then he used Kurogane and Ressen while in the air but once again, the knife teleport saves him from the attacks. Rihou watches the battle and knows that Ueki can't defeat him that easily. Ueki tries to use Kurogane on him but it was ineffective and gets punched into a wall. Then he tries using the Heavenly Power combat mode but it was ineffective against Baron. Ueki realizes that his fighting style relies too much on his weapons which Rihou told him earlier. Ueki makes his stand against Baron as he was about to stab Ueki with the knife.

Memory finds the rest of Team Ueki while Ueki manages to throw Baron and uses Ressen to hit him. Baron tries to punch Ueki but he manages to avoid the attack and fires Kurogane at Baron. Ueki's stragety now is to get Baron off-balance enough so he can't use the knife teleport and get hit by a Sacred Treasure. Ueki realizes that weapons and fighting shouldn't be seperate but combined the two. Ueki tries using the Kurogane again but Baron managed to get the timing of his attacks this time. Ueki throws Baron into an alleyway and uses Masshu on him which he avoids by throwing his knife upward but got hit with Ressen instead. Baron uses his Level Two power on Ueki which the knife teleport causes anything within a one meter area to be stuck to the ground. He didn't use it in the beginning because he didn't know if Ueki had any close-range Sacred Treasures along with that he would be stuck to the ground as well. Ueki manages to cancel out the effect by making Baron believe that Marilyn was in the area and escapes from him for a little bit. Baron uses his power once again on Ueki as there's only one way to escape but Ueki uses most of his Sacred Treasures to collaspe the roof. Baron decides to cancel the effect because of Marilyn but that was his defeat as he got caught by Masshu while Ueki was saved by Fuudou and Wave Flower. Meanwhile, Sano and the others encountered the rest of the Marilyn team.

Ueki manages to get stronger in this episode as he finally combines his Sacred Treasures with his fighting skills which he defeats Baron with. Now while Ueki is trying to catch up to the others, the remaining members will have a tough fight trying to hold out against the remaining members of the Marilyn team. Team Ueki got Mori who's about useless since she doesn't know her power, Souya whose power is limited unless he knows his Level Two yet, Rinko who's still out from the initial attack, and Sano who's the only one whose power can do damage against them. They probably need a few miracles to hold out against them until Ueki arrives. The next episode will covered Team Ueki's (sans Ueki) fight against the Marilyn team (sans Baron).


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