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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

The Law of Ueki 36

Marliyn starts saying what Sano is thinking which is that Rinko is defeated, Mori can't use her power, and Souya's power is useless in battle. Basically, he hopes that Ueki can come back but she thinks that they can defeat them before he could come back to them. Sano talks to Souya and Mori about his plan which Souya yells like an idiot while Sano throws a couple of steel boomerrangs. Marilyn's team easily avoids them but he changes them back into towels which have Souya's picture on them to cause them to cover their ears in pain. Sano and the others ran away from them while Marilyn is enjoying this. Sano and the others are in a ruined building which he said that he will protect them but Souya and Mori are worried that they are holding Sano back. They tried to make a plan when a bunch of ghosts put Rinko in a coffin so they could take care of her. Then they were attacked by a grenade which Sano used his power to protect all of them and escaped through the hole of in the building to avoid the Marilyn team. They triggered a trap which once again, Sano protected them with the price of his right arm. Memory tells Marilyn that Baron has been defeated by Ueki which makes her go after Ueki herself. Sano tries to stop Marilyn but Memory and the others block his way and wonders where Ueki is which he's currently fighting a giant scorpion (don't ask). Sano and the others are covered in smoke and thought that the other team couldn't see them but Matthew starts shooting at them. Then they almost got speared by another trap while Memory gives Matthew where Sano and the others are. She doesn't believe in Ueki's team concept of saving your teammates compared to her belief of that every member fulfilling their duties of the team. Matthew makes Sano and the others into an alleyway while Pudding uses his power to change his mouth into an opening to four dimensional space to spit out some rocks, logs, and string. Then Memory uses her power to change plans into a completed object to make the trap which Sano pushes Souya and Mori out of the way. Sano was about to be crushed by the trap when Mori saved him at the last second which he realizes that he needs to believe in them. They began to think up of a plan while Memory insults their team concept. Ueki is fighting with a giant snake in a swamp. Sano and the others spread out but Memory was ready for that. Pudding intercepted Sano and threw a grenade at him. Then all three of them ran into a building but Memory set a trap for them which Souya got caught in it. Memory thought her plan was so perfect but Souya was actually behind her. She realizes that they split up so they could seperate Memory and Pudding but she even setup a trap for him in that case which it got him in the stomach.

Memory tries to create another trap with her power but Souya used his power to stop it. He had one of Sano's steel towels to stop the trap but she isn't worried as she setup over 10 traps in the area. Sano and Mori figured out where the traps are while they running from them. Memory orders Pudding to fire all the smoke grenades so they can't see anything. Sano throws his boomerrang at Pudding and then use it to cover up his mouth. Matthew finds Souya calling for help and gets him into a trap but that wasn't the case. He actually shot at Pudding into the trap as a portrait of Souya was on him. The reason for the steel towel wasn't for blocking his power but stop him from speaking and actually wanted the smoke screen so they couldn't tell from enemy or ally. Memory begins to doubt her thinking of Ueki's team concept until Marilyn contacted her. She tells her that the transmitter on Ueki fell off during the battle and heading back towards them. Meanwhile, Ueki is fighting with a giant shark. Memory decides to pull the all the stops since she doesn't want Marliyn to see the current situation and throws a box to Matthew. She orders him to use his power which is to have six arms. Sano and the others went into a building for some cover. Then they barely avoided a blast from duel rocket launchers. Sano tries to attack him but he was able to deflect all of them. Matthew shot at them again which Sano barely defend against the shots and caused him to collaspe but still alive. Souya and Mori are falling into despair against Matthew but Sano managed to get back up and tells him that Ueki wants them to survive not to defeat them. Marilyn shows up and asks Sano to show it to her while Ueki is still on his way to them.

A good episode with Sano, Souya, and Mori using tactics to fight against Memory, Matthew, and Pudding who thought they could easily defeat them. Memory was even beginning to believe in Ueki's team concept but Marilyn managed to convince her otherwise. Only Ueki can get lost so easily and end up fighting giant monsters. The next episode continues the battle with Ueki returning into the mix.


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