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Sunday, February 26, 2006

The Law of Ueki 37

Marilyn manages to hit Sano, Mori, and Souya with kicks to the head all at once. Souya tries to get up but unable to do so since their inner ears are screwed up. Marilyn tells Memory and Matthew that she's disappointed in them for wasting their time with Sano and the others. Souya realizes that Marilyn is on a different level than Matthew and sees Sano grab her leg. He considers himself to be a coward since he can't do anything in combat. She kicks Sano a few times while relying on Sano to protect him and Mori. Sano tells Souya that he found an escape route while getting beating up and tells Souya to escape on his own since he's going to stay behind and protect Mori. Sano tells Souya that as along they aren't completely finished that they have a chance and tells him to go. Souya manages to escape through the hole which the Marliyn team didn't think he was a threat, so they let him go and focus on finishing off Sano and Mori. Souya is wondering if running away is the right thing to do as he remembers Nero asking him why the kids depended on him so much. He thinks that the kids could make him do anything for them but Nero tells him that his eyes have a strong wull behind them. Even though he acts cowardly at times, he will protect those important people in their time of need. Souya thinks he couldn't do anything for them while Sano sits in front of Mori to protect her. Matthew was about to shoot them when Souya gives him some Super Serious Love along with a double Soy Sauce Bomber on Marilyn and Memory. Sano asks Souya why he came back which he said that he relied too much on Sano and thought if he ran that you wouldn't be called a friend anymore. Ueki needs to get on the other side of the city but the bridge connecting the two sides was destroyed. He tries Ressen to cross the bridge but it was way too short to cover the distance. So he used Raika and Ressen to cross over the gap but it wasn't enough as Ueki falls to his death.

Sano and the others managed to get some distance from Marilyn and the others but Marilyn suddenly managed to catch up and knocked out Souya. Marilyn pinned Sano to the wall which she tells him about the weaknesses of Ueki's Sacred Treasures which he can't use them in mid-air well because they are heavy. Mori tells Marilyn that Ueki will defeat her regardless if she can avoid all of his attacks. Souya's necklace was only worth one point. Marliyn tells Mori that it would take Ueki ten minutes to get to this location even if he found a way to cross over the gap between the two sides since she destroyed the bridge connecting them. Marilyn was about to punch Sano when Ueki stopped her punch. Matthew asks him how he found them so fast which he used Baron's tracking device to follow the others' trasmitters and realized that there was a transmitter on himself as well. Memory uses her power to create a trap for Ueki which he hangs in the air while Matthew uses his six arms to shoot at Ueki but he managed to stop the attack with Ressen and Wave Flower. Then he gets out of the trap with Ranma and tells them that he managed to use martial arts and Sacred Treasures together in his fight against Baron. He also realized that he could increase his strength with his Heavenly Power to better control the Sacred Treasures in mid-air which he discovered at the gap as he used Wave Flower to cross over the gap. Ueki was about to battle the Marilyn team when God decided to interrupt them. He tells them that there is 10 minutes left in the round and tells them who has the 10-point necklaces. Marilyn has it for the Marilyn while Mori has it for Team Ueki even though he said Ueki first. Marilyn decides to focus on Mori while Ueki tells her to run away. Marilyn orders Memory to chase after Mori while Sano goes after her which Matthew chases him. Ueki and Marilyn fight one on one which he tries to capture her with Galiper but she manages to escape from it. He tries using Ressen and Kurogane at her but she managed to avoid both of them and gives Ueki multiple blows in a one second.

Sano and the others managed to hold out long enough for Ueki to show up but they lost Souya in the process. Now, the Marylin team are after Mori since she has the 10-point necklace and that Marilyn has it for her team but she's strong. With Ueki doesn't know her power, he's in a disadvantage against her even though he managed to overcome his weakness with the Sacred Treasures. The next episode has Ueki continuing his battle against Marilyn while Sano discovers his level two power against Matthew.


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