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Monday, February 27, 2006

The Law of Ueki 38

Ueki tries to figure out Marilyn's power as he thinks it's the ability to increase arm and leg muscles but that doesn't explain how she dodged Kurogane mid-air. He uses Wave Flower to attack Marilyn but it has no effect. She manages to close the gap and kicks Ueki to the ground. She wants to finish off Ueki but he wouldn't allow it and uses Ranma to attack her but she avoids the attack and hits him towards a wall. He managed to figure Marilyn's power from the attacks which is the power to change a short moment to a long period of time. He figured it out when she avoided Ranma as she didn't leap over it to Ueki was and jumped the normal height. He also noticed that she avoided the Wave Flower with her hair barely trailed behind her which means that she was moving at normal speed. She tells Ueki that her exact power is the ability to change one second into ten seconds and was amazed by Ueki's ability to figure it out. He wondered if she made the right move by telling him the exact amount of seconds which she gives him a flurry of punches. She thanks him for being the first one to figure out her ability and that she could fight with all of her might against her. Meanwhile, Sano and Matthew fight in an abandoned building. Matthew thinks fighting is fun while Sano says that he can't enjoy a fight when a friend's in trouble and mentions his way of fun. His way of fun is to be in a hot springs on a snowy night and look at the sky. Matthew doesn't think that is fun unless he was surrounded by girls which gives Sano a chance to escape but he manages to stop him from escaping by shooting at him. Sano throws a boomerrang at Matthew which he revert back into a towel that contain some rubble to distract him while he sneaks up from behind and kicks his gun away. Then he tries to knock him out with a steel pipe but Matthew blocks it with ease. Sano tries to kick him in the gut but Matthew blocked it with his six arms ability and punches Sano with his free arms and throws him away from him. Luckily, Sano had steel towel armor around his stomach to soften the blows. Matthew says that Sano's power is garbage which Sano says that his power isn't garbage as it was given to him by Inumaru, his friend. Sano wishes that he could be stronger to defeat Matthew as he shoots at him but somehow, Sano managed to avoid the bullets. So he tries to kill him with six guns but those bullets went to the steel towel instead. Sano realizes that he managed to activate his Level Two power.

Matthew tries again which the bullets once again went to the towel. God and his assistant talked about Sano's Level Two power which the assistant believed that he should awakened it sooner because of his skills. God mentions that one of the requirements for Level Two is mastery of the Level One power but he also needs to wish to be stronger from the depths of your heart. He thinks that Sano thought there was no opponent that he couldn't defeat with his power as long he used his head. He managed to defeat 20 opponents at that level while Ueki hasn't reach Level Two yet because he hasn't fully mastered his Heavenly Power along with Kobasan's Heavenly Power at the same time is rather hard. Sano managed to figure out that his Level Two power is magnetism which he could have fun with. He throws a boomerrang with his new power that managed to attract his bullets and his guns to it. Matthew figures out his new power and pulls out six brass clubs. Sano throws another boomerrang at him but he manages to deflect it and beats Sano with the clubs. Sano blocks all clubs with two pipes and pulls away from Matthew. Then he throws six boomerrangs at Matthew and revert them to towels so he could wrap the clubs with metal. He applied his Level Two on him so he could knocked them away. Then he threw another boomerrang at him which continued to chase after him due to a planted steel towel on him. Matthew head towards his clubs in order to knock the boomerrang down which he managed to do but it was a trap as Sano was waiting for him on the ceiling. Sano hits Matthew with a steel pipe combined with his mangetism along with gravity and his strength which knocks him out.

Ueki manages to figure out Marilyn's power but how to counter it is a whole another question. How can he beat someone who can expand one second into ten seconds? Also, Sano has achieved his Level Two power which is the ability of mangetism which he beat Matthew with his new ability. The next episode continues Ueki and Marilyn's battle along with Marilyn's backstory.


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