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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

The Law of Ueki 39

Sano notices that Matthew is still alive but he can't move his body. He was glad that he was able to fight a strong guy but he's not having any fun right now. He remembers when he was a kid, he did fun things that weren't fighting which he did those things to make Marilyn smile. Matthew tells Sano that he was lame for fighting for your friends which he realized that he was the same which made him cry. He hasn't seen Marilyn laughed like that for a long time and couldn't open the door to her closed heart. Sano got Matthew's necklace and wonder what's the actual score. So he tried to ask a Ghost for the score but no Ghost would appeared. God came over the loudspeaker and says that the Ghosts are on strike because they wanted a raise. Marilyn and Ueki continued their battle against each other which he tried using Ressen to cause some debris to fall on her but she avoids it with her power easily and gives him a punch in the stomach. She tells him to give up but he refuses as he needs to save Mori and Sano. He tries to run away from her with Raika but she manages to catch up and slams him to a wall. Ueki uses Raika along with Wave Flower to attack Marilyn and manages to get one hit on her but she still managed to hit Ueki. He found a weakness in Marilyn's attack as she stomps her right foot when about to throw a straight right at him. Ueki gets hit by Marilyn's attacks until she does her thing with the right foot. He uses Raika and charges towards her but he sees a tear going down her face and couldn't go through with the counter. He says that she doesn't really want to fight.

Marilyn doesn't believe what Ueki just said to her as she just wants to fight. Ueki begins walking away from her as he doesn't want to fight somebody who doesn't want to fight at all. She begins to attack him in order to get him to fight but he just gets up and continues to walk away. She thinks that he could take her attacks at Level One and decides to use her Level Two version of her power which is the ability to increase her physical ability by two-fold. There's a downside to her power that she can only use it for ten minutes each day and after that, she loses all of her strength. He gets back up and continues to walk away from Marilyn. She remembers when she was a kid that she told her father that she didn't want to fight. Then she remembers a bunch of guys from her past that she doesn't want to remember and continues to attack Ueki but he continues to walk away from her. She remembers that she wanted to go with those guys but one guy tells her that she was afraid of fighting and if she got stronger, they will come home. She continues with attacking Ueki but he still refuses to fight her. She remembers her father telling her that those guys aren't coming back which she decided to fight some random guys. She decided to train regardless if the war was over or not and believe those guys didn't come back home because she wasn't strong enough. She knew what really happened but refused to believe it as she beats up on Ueki. She realized that the last ten years were pointless as she collaspes from overusing her Level Two power. Ueki looks back and sees a collasped Marilyn. He carries her body as he goes on to save Mori. Meanwhile, Memory has Mori trapped on a roof which Mori finally figure out her power is.

This episode showed that Marilyn was a tragic character as she fought for a meaningless cause. She truly believe that if she kept on fighting that the people she cared about would come back to her. She knew that they died long ago in the war but she refused to believe that they were dead. So fighting for her became an escape of the terrible truth. For Ueki to beat her in that fashion was truly ironic. The next episode has Mori fighting against Memory, God dealing with the Ghost strike, and Ueki fighting against Aion.


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