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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Lemon Angel Project 1

On July 11, 2017, the idol group known as Lemon Angel suddenly disappeared while singing a song called Evolution. One year later, the final set of auditions for the new Lemon Angel are about to start. A girl named Tomo is getting neverous along with another girl named Yumi which the other girls noticed. Then the story flashbacks about how Tomo came into the audition. Tomo is in her first year of high school who's friends with a girl named Yuki. She tells her that she's going to the Himura Shinya concert with her boyfriend which disappoints Tomo as she wanted to go. While on the train, Yuki asks Tomo if she joined any clubs which she says that there aren't any clubs that interest her. Then Yuki asks her that she should do something with music since she has a good singing voice but she refuses unless there was a karaoke club. Yuki is thinking about joining the archery club because of Suwa Miki who used to be a member of Lemon Angel. She has the ability to speak fluent English and German along with her hobbies of ocha, ikebana, riding, social dancing, and piano which she won awards for (basically a proper high class lady.) Suwa was about to shoot when Tomo stumbles into the archery area. Then she has a flashback where she crashed into a mirror while ballet dancing and mentions her clumsiness for today which she told Yui who was working on a computer program. Yui allows Tomo to listen a new song she had come up with which is Evolution. The song would mark the debut of Suwa Miki who Yui met at a programming community on the net but she's currently overseas and won't be back in Japan until next year. Tomo was hanging out on the roof when she heard the sound of a piano and decides to check it out. She sees Suwa playing the piano and the door suddenly slided opened when she tried to hear more closely.

Tomo introduces herself to Suwa and mentions that she recognized the song to be Evolution as she likes all of Yui's songs which hits a nerve with Suwa. Tomo continues to talk to Suwa while she plays the piano until she decides to leave the room and tells her that she's noisy. Tomo is depressed which Yuki will try to make amends with Suwa for her after she gets to know her. Yuki notices a guy following them while Tomo just goes on and on talking. Then they began to run and split up which the guy follows Tomo. She finds a police office about the guy and deals with the guy by hitting him in the head with her bag. Another guy recognizes the stalker as Kogure who works for Nouvelle Music. Kogure tells her about Lemon Angel which he's trying to make a new one with the same leader but with different people. He wants her to audition for Lemon Angel but she has doubts about it. He reveals that he knew Yui in the past as an assistant working for Lemon Angel along with that she wanted Tomo to sing Evolution. Then he begins to mention his dream of powerful songs that won't be thrown away which makes Tomo leave the room in secret. He remembers the conversation that he had with Yui before Lemon Angel broke up. Tomo was about to leave when she sees Himura and some other guy talking about some program which the other guy wanted Yui to help. Tomo follows them and overhears their conversation about the program which the programmer can't fix. The program is the former Lemon Angel's performance of Evolution. Tomo trips over some pipes and gets noticed by them.

An idol group anime that has a clusmy girl for a possible lead singer along with some backstory of the original Lemon Angel group. I think Yui's story is the most interesting thing along with the breakup of the original Lemon Angel. Tomo just talks too much which doesn't go over that well to me. I mean she does it because she's nervous but it puts off people like Suwa during the episode. I think the show has potential but Tomo needs to improve as a main character if the show has any chance to be good. The music is decent which a show based on idols should be. The next episode continues with the flashback as Tomo deals with the audition process.


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