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Sunday, February 05, 2006

Mai Otome 13

Arika, Nina, Irina, and Erstin are eating at the cafe which Arika doesn't have an appetite which for her is rather odd. They walked out of the cafe and sees Akane and Kazuya together. Nina isn't concern at all which Arika asks her why and gets chased for it after touching Nina's spot. Akane and Kazuya were kissing in a forest when he tries to force her even more which she tells him to stop. Maria tells Akane to go to Natsuki's office to meet with someone. The person she meets is a representative of King Sharuru, whose Otome is about to get married and needs a new one. So, they wanted Akane to become the Florence Kingdom's new Otome with the Malachite of Pure Love gemstone. The school is willing to have Akane to be a Meister Otome even though she's still a student because of her abilities. Akane doesn't seem please with being a Meister Otome. Erstin mentions that Cardair and Florence aren't at very good terms with each other which Arika asks why and doesn't get an answer. Chie congraduates Akane for being Meister while Shiho will take up the charge of leading the underclassman. Arika lays on her bed and sees Nina's watch with a picture of her and Sergay and blushed in sight of him. Nina comes into the room and takes the watch from her before she collasped. Arika wakes up in Youko's office who tells her that Nina carried her into the room. Arika tells Youko a story about her current condition which she mentions that she should learn about Fire String Ruby. So Irina finds a book with the legend of the Fire String Ruby whose soul is wandering around the Sprites' Forest. Nina mentions how she was promised the Ruby after graduation but she love a man who she wanted to be his master. She was torn between her duties as an Otome and love but the Founder deem her to be one of the Five Pillars which are people like Natsuki and Shizuru who have no master and serve the Founder. She didn't want to be a pillar and decided to go to the forest to determine her future. Tomoe joins the conversation who thinks she was a fool to fall in love with a man. Natsuki tells Shizuru that Smith was spotted near Artai and asks her to move out which she agrees. Arika tries to figure out why Youko mentioned the Fire String Ruby to her when she sees Nao and Akane talking to each other. Nao doesn't want her to leave because she would be number 3 in Pearl but Akane wants to be a Meister regardless of her love of Kazuya. She was about to rip up a picture of them when Arika stops her. Then Akane talks about the feeling of love to Arika which she questions herself of why she fell in love.

Nagi talks with Smith about the Harmonium along with the new improved Slave crystal which is going to be tested very soon. Akane meets with Kazuya which the person with a Slave crystal is nearby. Shizuru was about to head off when Tomoe shows up suddenly which she tells her that she reminded much of herself when younger and look straight ahead. Arika suddenly shows up and walks together with Shizuru which makes Tomoe mad. Akane tells Kazuya about her becoming a Meister Otome soon and that she loves him but she cannot abandon her dream. She tells him not to abandon his dream as well while Arika asks Shizuru if she has fallen in love which she just gives her a kiss on the cheek. They see Akane and Kazuya up the stairs when a Slave suddenly appears and attacks the people. Shizuru tells Akane to run away but she decides to fight instead. Akane fights the Slave while Shizuru tries to find the Slave's master while a cloaked person is watching from afar. Akane's staff breaks from the Slave's attack but she uses her bare hands to break part of the Slave which made Shizuru's job easier as he suffered from damage of the attack. She realizes that the Slave crystal isn't a normal one and before she could capture it, the cloaked figure destroyed the crystal before the Slave could injured Akane. Arika asks Kazuya if he loves her which he does but he can't do anything about it. Various foreign people attend Akane's Meister Otome Appointment Ceremory while Arika is still depressed from recent events. Akane was about to accept the appointment when Kazuya bursts into the room and tells her that he loves her and willing to give up anything to be with her. Akane decides to be with Kazuya and kisses him. Sergey trips the guy from earlier while Akane and Kazuya ran off to be together. Sergey mentions to Nina and Arika that giving up the dream for love is an option as well but Nina still wants to be a Meister Otome while Arika isn't quite sure. Arika remembers Akane's words and realizes that she might be in love with Sergey. Later that night, Natsuki gets a call from Youko who tells her that there's a battle at the border of Romulus and Remus which Shizuru is observing from nearby.

Let's see, a lot of happen with this episode. Let's start with Akane and Kazuya's relationship as they seemed to have a happy ending for now instead of the tortured ending they had in Hime. Their relationship seemed to affect Arika in an indirect way as she is beginning to experience love as she likes Sergey even though she won't admit it to herself. More of Mai's tortured story was revealed in this episode as she didn't want to remove herself from the person who she loved. This person could be Takumi but it could another person like Reito but there isn't enough information to make a proper guess yet. The other thing important in the episode is Tomoe as she must love Shizuru so much but she looks at her as a younger version of herself and wants to have the type of relationship that Arika and Shizuru have with each other. Now, there seem to be a battle between two Otome but the reason for it is rather unknown. The next episode will focus on the battle while the Coral students have some fun on their own.


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