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Monday, February 06, 2006

Mai Otome 14

The representatives of Romulus and Remus are arguing with each other about who started the battle first until Sergey drops something on the floor to break the tension. Natsuki tells them that they need think up of a countermeasure to counter the public outcry and need to calm down to do so. Irina talks about the recent events while doing makeup to Erstin and notices that Arika wasn't really paying attention and made her look like a clown. Tomoe asks Nina if she had heard anything about it from Sergay which she said no as it is none of her business. Then Tomoe mentions about how Yayoi is from Romulus and Miya is from Remus which Miya is doing Yayoi's makeup. Miya did a mistake of Yayoi's lips and apologizes for it which created an awkwardness between them. Someone mentions how Cardair and Florence are a little off balance because of Akane. Maria tries to get everyone to focus on upcoming final exams along with the duties of an Otome and not on the rumors. Irina talks to Arika about how it's difficult to stop war which she says that it's just a quarrel. That statement made Miya angry at Arika and asks her to do something about it. Then she starts saying that she came to the school to be successful and questions everything around her. Tomoe takes Miya away to calm her down while Arika is still depressed. Nina blames Arika for the argument just now as she can't called it a quarrel and asks what's wrong with her recently which she said it's nothing. Natsuki is getting nowhere with the council which she mentions to Sergay that she hopes that Artai isn't involved. Sergay says that the battle doesn't benefit them at all and doesn't want Nao and Nina to fight and asks about graduation. She says they will go through it as they must understand who they really are. Haruka is mad about the recent events and want to spank the Otome who fought each other but Yukino tells her not to do it because they would drag into war as well and manages to stop her. Argos is watching the situation as well since things didn't go with the Asward. Aoi tries to get Mashiro out of bed as she just hugs Mikoto all day and considers to be a worthless queen. Nagi and Smith is watching footage from the battle which they tested a new form of Slave. Sergay got a letter about Nagi's upcoming plans.

Arika is trying to deal with her newfound feelings of love along with her dream of becoming an Otome when Erstin shows up. She realizes that Arika loves Sergay and comforts her with the song she sang to her. She notices Arika's necklace but didn't ask about it since she hide it and tells her that it belongs to Rena who was the king of Wind Bloom's Otome. Arika asks her more about the Blue Sky Sapphire which Tomoe spies on them. Natsuki thanks Shizuru for pouring some coffee but it was actually Youko who poured it. She tells her that the meetings are going nowhere and that a third party is involved which scares Youko. Shizuru is investigating the battle field when Miyu sneaks up on her and tells her that it's a Slave that's closer to a Child. Shizuru mentions that she usually the one doing the talking from behind not the other way around as Miyu mentions about the black power being on the move again. Shizuru tries to capture her but unable to do so. Tomoe finds Miya at night and asks her to do something for her. Sergay is at the Rorschach and burns the letter that he got from Nagi when one of his contacts showed up. Nina is worried about Arika which Erstin tells her that she wasn't worried about her in the past and decides to play around with Nina. Arika remembers the story that Erstin told about Rena which she gave up being an Otome for the one she loved and mentioned the incident 15 years ago which she heard from Maria. Arika decides to confirm her feelings right now as the contact asks Sergay that he should send a letter to Arika since he was having fun with it. Sergay enters a run-down house which contain an old woman while Arika is captured by some thugs who wants to rape her under someone's request. The old woman tells Sergay that she was there when Rena put the Blue Sky Sapphire around the princess's neck.

This episode of Otome has Arika being depressed for unable to handle her feelings of love and her dream of being an Otome. After talking to Erstin, she decides to face her feelings to Sergay but Tomoe with the help of Miya steps in and have some thugs to rape her so she can't be an Otome no more. It seems that Nina is warming up to Arika even more as she's been concerned with Arika's recent mood. Nina may helped with Arika's problem soon which they need to talk about their own feelings of Sergay. The main story is heating up as Nagi getting prepared to start war with a few countries with the new Slave/Child hybrids along with Miyu preparing her own moves. Mashiro seems to be realized that she needs to do more as a Queen instead of having parties and fun all the time. The next episode of Otome deals with Arika's experience with the thugs and the aftermath.


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