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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Mai Otome 15

Sergay ponders the old woman's words when he heards Arika's scream for help. He manages to get to her in the nick of time and stops them with his gun. The thugs run away but end up being tortured by Nao's Stripe Gang. Sergay comforts Arika as she cries on him while Nao tortures the thugs and was about talk to Arika when she sees Sergay with her. Nina and Erstin are worried about Arika in their own way while Sergay stays with Arika for a little bit. He gives her his jacket for the moment and they went on a walk. The old woman finally dies while Miya packs her things and gets escorted by the Trias. Natsuki is waken up by Maria while Tomoe sees Miya being escorted and calls her worthless trash while Chie looks in her direction. Nao asks Chie why she was in a place like that which she said she was on a date (with Aoi by the way) and that she needed some help who actually helped Chie get into the school. Chie asks Nao what they did to the thugs which she said she should check the bottom of the river. Sergay takes Arika to a rooftop which he mentions about the greater technologies that Earth had back in the day. He recites a poem that the first pilot said when he landed here and talked about the Blue Sky Sapphire. Arika decides that she wants to kiss Sergay and goes for it.

The next day, Arika wakes up Erstin and Nina who they were worried about her last night. Before she could answer their questions, Chie enters into the room and Arika stood motionless for a few seconds. She tells them that Miya confess about the uniform, the traversal exam, and last night's incidents. Arika was surprised by the whole thing but Nina asks if there was someone else which Miya said she did it alone. Chie tells them that they have the option to press charges on her which would go to the disciplinary committee. Erstin and Arika doesn't want to press charges on Miya which Shiho mentions that she should get rid of the competition but Arika doesn't want to. Maria and Natsuki appeared in the room and tells them that Miya has been expelled on her and her parents' request since she won't be moving on to Pearl and don't have the money to continue supporting her. Nina asks if she could see her off but it was actually too late as Tomoe gave Miya a letter. Nina is worried about Arika which she runs into a pillar but she's going to meet with Sergay. Erstin asks Arika about Sergay which Arika decides to run off. Arika is alone when Aoi suddenly shows up and asks her a favor. Aoi asks Arika to visit Mashiro who has been in bed for days now. Mashiro thinks that Arika is thinking that she isn't suited to become queen. She tells her that she gives Takumi a little kindness and uses it to insult her abilities. Arika thinks that Mashiro is in love with Takumi which she denies and thinks Arika doesn't understand relationships. She begins to cry afterwards and remembers what happened afterwards when she tried to kiss Sergay. He doesn't kiss Arika and starts insulting her by how she easily gave up her dream to be an Otome. He takes back his coat and mentions how Rena didn't get both of her dreams and end up getting killed without being protect anyone. Arika slaps Sergay for saying that and runs off. Mashiro tries to get Arika to stop crying because she would begin to cry. They both cry together while Aoi thanks Chie for the idea. Nina was unable to see Sergay while he remembers reading the note which said that he must find the true princess and that Nagi should use his bed trick to get the princess to join him. Mashiro shows Arika a picture she drew of her new castle as she wants to be reborn with the new castle. Arika suggests that they should have a race with Arika being a Meister while Mashiro being a queen that can make everyone happy. Arika starts her battle with a Coral in order to secure a spot for the graduating performance. Miya rips up the letter that Tomoe gave to her as she goes back home.

I think Sergay said those mean things to Arika because he didn't want her to get involved with Nagi's business. He wants to distance himself from her so she wouldn't get hurt in the long run. It reminds me of what Mai did with Tate in Hime as she distanced herself from Tate so he wouldn't get involved in her business. Just like with Mai and Tate, I believe Sergay and Arika will be back together at some point with Nina being the Shiho in Hime. Also, Mashiro and Arika managed to get over their feelings of love together with a race of goals. It seems that Aoi helped Chie get into the school which means that Aoi is a pretty powerful person in Windbloom. I want to know what Tomoe wrote in that letter to Miya who she treated like trash. I think Tomoe will make a major move in the near future. The next episode doesn't reveal much which means that something big will happen. Also, a new OP sequence and song shows up in the next episode which other bloggers have taken screencaps of.


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