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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Mai Otome 16

Arika defeats Tomoe for a spot in the graduation performance which Nina is a part in. The performance will also include the inauguration of Fuka Castle. Maria tells Tomoe that she is the substitute for Arika or Nina for the performance. Nina tells Sergay that she's worried about working with Arika in the performance. He tells her that they will make a great team along with that she's destinied to be Nagi's Otome. Meanwhile, various people received the black letter along with a staff member in the castle and a Coral student. Yukariko talks to the Corals about the upcoming events like the trial ordeal, graduation performance, Meister Appointment Ceremony, and the promotion exam while they are sewing. Erstin asks Arika if she needed help with sewing but she doesn't as she and Nina head off for training for the performance against Chie and Shiho. Irina notices that Erstin has been giving them gifts and doing some of their chores and decided to help her. Chie and Tomoe talked to each other while watching Arika and Nina running. Chie tells Tomoe that she knows about her making Miya doing those things to Arika which Tomoe denies but Erstin overhears the conversation and runs away. Erstin gives Nina and Arika food after their workout and didn't mention the conversation between Chie and Tomoe. Midori and one of the other Black Valley members meet with Nagi under his request because he wanted their help. They refused their request because of his connection with the Schwarz and Nagi decided to drop it. Later that night, Midori and the guy wondered why Nagi asked them there even though he knew they would refused. She mentions that they had to go anyway and going to fall into his trap on purpose. Youko was producing some gems along with an acid to dissolve Miya's gem. She tells Natsuki that the ordeal for becoming one of the Five Columns is ready. Natsuki tells her the current state of affairs as Shizuru is coming back without finding any clues to Smith and that Mashiro is working once again. Nao has been seleceted to be a Column while Shiho has been selected to be an Otome of the Florence Kingdom. Chie is going to Airies to be a subordinate to Haruka. Irina was about to return a book to Youko when Tomoe asked her if she could do it since she had to ask a question to her. Nina and Arika congratuated Nao for being a Column but she's not really happy about it since it's considered to be the Old Misses' Group which caught the attention of Maria. Tomoe returns the book and steals the vial of acid from Youko's office.

Youko asks Erstin if she has seen Irina recently which she said that she's at the library. She tells Erstin about the acid which makes her run towards Arika and Nina and sees Tomoe above them about to drop the vial on Arika. Erstin manages to save Arika just in time but got some of the acid on her leg. Arika was writing a letter to Sergay about the acid when Erstin asks her if she wanted to take a walk. They talked about nanomachines are great and should be used by everyone not just Otome. Then they heard Nina singing a different part of the song that Arika sings. Arika and Nina fight for a little bit before lying down on the grass which Nina notices Arika's handkerchief for Sergay which she misspelled thanks. They both thanks Erstin for supporting the both of them which she said that she works hard because being around them. All of three of them make a promise to become Meister Otome. A mysterious machine is being hauled into the castle by the Schwarz staff member. It is the day of the graduation performance and most of the guests are royal representatives not the families themselves. Sergay tells Nina that no Coral has ever beaten a Pearl and gets into an agrument with Arika. The graduation performance is about to start with Arika looking around for her supporter. Mashiro unveils the new castle but it isn't what she expected. Smith appears and has the castle to fire a laser beam outside of the city which a bunch of Slaves appear.

Well, some major things happen in this episode. You got Tomoe upping her hatred for Arika with her trying to kill her with a vial of acid. In the past, her schemes usually getting Arika removed from the school but now, she must be desperate if she's resorting to murder to get her away. I even think that she isn't doing for Shizuru's love but one of the Schwarz who has received the black letter. Mashiro didn't expect her castle to be a giant laser cannon which Smith and other members of Schwarz were behind the construction of the castle. The new OP had some interesting things like Arika and Nina battling each other after building a nice friendship which I suspect that it might be over Sergay. Basically, it's going to be darker in the world of Otome. The happy times are now over. The next episode has the good guys fighting the Slaves with an appearance of the Black Valley.


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