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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Mai Otome 17

Natsuki got Mashiro's permission to fight within Windbloom and makes a request to the founder to allow everyone to materialize their Robes. Smith fires the laser at the graduation site hoping to kill everyone there. Arika manages to get Mashiro and Aoi to safety from the blast. A few seconds later, Erstin shows up while Midori and her companions are heading towards the school. Sergay tells Nina to head for the Sand Port while he deals with other matters which after some objection, she goes. Cardinal and a couple of soldiers get captured by the Slaves while Natsuki declares martial law. Midori and the others showed up at the school's doorstep which Smith wants to use them as a distraction while they retake the Otome technology. The Slave Lords are asking the citizens if they have seen Mashiro which Arika and the others are in an alleyway. A woman sees them and decides to rat them out. Natsuki and Shizuru materialized their robes to fight Midori and the Awsad. Arika and the others are in the sewers trying to avoid detection when they meet up with Sergay who kills a couple of the Slave Lords. Smith modified the laser to distrupt the founder which causes Natsuki and Shizuru to lose their robes. Midori thought they were mocking them but Youko tells them otherwise. Midori had to end up retreating while Youko tries to get Reito aka Rad to stay but he refuses. Nina sees an army of tanks heading towards the city.

Arika wonders what happen to her Robe which Sergay says that there's something wrong with the founder. Smith shows up and tells them that Schwarz wants to spread Gardenrobe's technology. Arika tries to charge at Smith but he shoots at her which the Blue Sky Sapphire began to grow. Sergay tells her to use it since having an unique master might work which it does. Smith tells Erstin to fight against Arika with her Slave and that she has been a part of their clan from the beginning. Shizuru and Natsuki are cornered by Slaves which Shizuru will act as a decoy for Natsuki to run away from them. Erstin wants Arika to hand over Mashiro but Arika wants to know why she is doing this. She tells her that her family has been doing this for a long time. Smith tells them that the relationship between a Slave and a Slave Lord is the same for an Otome and her Master. Nagi shows up along with Nina and asks Mashiro to give herself up and admits that he was the one who set all this up. Natsuki meets with Nao who decided to run away from the trouble while Shizuru ends up getting captured after Irina and Tomoe both got captured. He never truly like how Gardenrobe kept the peace with the Otomes and currently making it look like that he's driving the Slaves back with his tanks. Arika tells Mashiro that she can't surrender to them and gets attacked by Erstin's Slave. Sergay protects Arika from a Slave attack and the handkerchief that Arika made for her benefactor fell out. He tells Nagi that Arika is the true Princess of WindBloom which Nagi realizes that he's serious about Arika. Nina wasn't happy about this and triggered a responance from Nagi's Ultimate Black Diamond gems. Nagi activates the Black Diamond for Nagi which she materialize the Robe from there. Nina asks Arika why she existed and decides to remove Arika from the face of the Earth. She tries to kill Arika but Erstin protected her with her Slave which she managed to destroy. Erstin says that she doesn't care about science and without war, she could have been with everyone forever before disappearing. After a few seconds of crying, Arika and Nina summoned their huge weapons and caused a massive explosion.

I'm glad that I didn't read the other blogs to know what happened in the episode. Somehow, I never thought that Erstin would die but thinking about it more, she was never into the Otome way of life. I did noticed that she didn't transform during the Slave attack which was odd. I think she just wanted to live a peaceful life with Arika and Nina but that's not going to happen now. The handkerchief was the final straw for Nina as she had enough of Arika messing around with Sergay. That hatred was so strong that it activated the Ultimate Black Diamond but I think at some point that the Diamond will take over Nina's mind. Another interesting development is that the main villian from Hime, Reito is actually around but as the cyborg Rad. I think there are five factions involved in this entire thing: GardenRobe, Aswad, Schwarz, Nagi, and everyone else. GardenRobe is just trying to keep the peace. Aswad and Schwarz both want GardenRobe's technology to be spread but their goals for it are completely different. Nagi wants power and be willing to get it by any means necessary while everyone else has their own agendas. The next episode goes away from the city into the desert where Natsuki meets with Miyu while Mashiro collaspes in the desert.


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