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Monday, February 27, 2006

Mai Otome 18

A couple of soldiers showed up at a refugee camp looking for Mashiro who is actually hiding with them. They asked a girl named Mimi if she has seen her which she hasn't and goes on saying why they were booted out and aren't being protected. They told them that they aren't really citizens since they don't pay taxes which makes the refugees angry since they make it sound like it's their choice. The soldiers leave and the refugees are complaining about their current suffering while Mashiro asks for someone to save her. Meanwhile, Natsuki wakes up from her injuries and sees Nao and other guy looking after her. She grabs Nao and asks her what happened to Windbloom which Nao asks her to give her respect since she's one of the Five Columns now. Natsuki lets go of her and Nao tells her that she doesn't know. The guy gives Natsuki a snake which scares her while Nao makes fun of her since she doesn't follow the Otome way of survival. Natsuki decided to eat the snake against her delight and finds out that she's been out for three days. Nao introduces the guy as an information guy who makes Natsuki pay for his information. He tells her that Nagi "freed" the city from the Schwarz and acting as the substitute queen. He gives orders to the military from Fuka Castle which he managed to time the whole thing perfectly. Natsuki asks Nao if she knew anything about this which she didn't because otherwise she would left the city long ago. The guy tells Natsuki that there are a great number of refugees and the occupation is favorably accepted. Nagi decided to banish the poor in the name of maintaining the peace which they acted as a source of persecution and strengthens the bonds between the remaining people. Gardenrobe is under lock and key under Nagi while the other countries won't do anything about it for a while. Hakura tries to head for Gardenrobe to stop Nagi but Yukino stops her by hitting her with a large rock on the head which actually splits into two (she must have a hard head). The leader of Argos is worried about the Harmonium and Gardenrobe being under Nagi's control and decides to act. Miyu suddenly attacks Natsuki who wants to know about Arika and stops Nao from doing anything with her quarters. Natsuki tells Miyu about Arika and Nina fighting each other which Nagi is trying to find Arika and Mashiro. Nao believes that Arika and Mashiro are alive since Nina is alive and well but she's having a hard time dealing with Erstin's death. Natsuki blames herself for not being able to detect the Schwarz in the school and could prevented all of it. Sergay is recovering from his injuries when Nina entered his room. She's acting like a daughter to him and ignoring her pain. He tries to get her to talk about it but she doesn't want to talk about it.

Smith is studying the Harmonium when Nagi asks him about it. He tells him that it hasn't been used for serveral centuries and that the seal on the mausoleum hasn't been undone yet. He also tells Nagi that they know up to the second verse of the song and that Mashiro may know the third verse with Arika being the conductor. Mashiro is walking with a group of refugees who are walking towards Airies and complaining that Mashiro is the cause of their suffering. One guy mentions that he lost his job because Mashiro since she only gave the profits to bribed officials in the construction company. Mashiro remembers Takumi's words along with her own words when she heard someone say that she might be a fake queen which brings the memories of her childhood and Sergay saying that Arika is the princess. Mashiro collaspes from lack of water which Mimi gives her some water to drink. Miyu leaves Natsuki and the others as she doesn't tell them why she wants to know Arika and tells them her name before finally leaving. Mashiro has blisters on her foot while Mimi thinks that she's a princess from another country because of her white skin but she dismisses it soon afterwards as she wouldn't be around them. Mashiro asks Mimi if she hated the queen which she does since her dad ran a bakery but it was taken away by the government for a road. He lost his motativation and went to drunkness and gambling to deal with his problems and end up dying on the streets. She believes that the queen never did anything or listened to them as she can't see them from being that high up. Mimi couldn't look at the queen because of that and hated her birthday celebration. Mashiro's stomach growled which Mimi gave her some porrage that she gaved to Mikoto earlier. This time Mashiro eats the porrage and said it was good even though Mimi said it was bad. She began crying soon afterwards when one of the refugees said that they found Aoi mixed in one of the other refugee groups. The refugees blamed all of their problems on Aoi as they cornered her on a cliff. The refugees wanted revenge for their troubles so they are going to take it out on Aoi. Mimi hates Aoi because she didn't say anything about the messes that Mashiro did. One of the refugees asked Aoi where Mashiro was which she notices her at that moment. Mashiro remembers all the times where she selfishly acted and wanted to save Aoi but couldn't do anything. Aoi tells them that she doesn't know where she is and falls off the cliff. Mimi wanted her to cry or beg for mercy which Mashiro ran away from them. Mashiro walks alone in the desert as she realizes that she has nothing but she remembers Arika as a friend. Arika is alive and well with Mikoto helping out some woman.

This episode was about Mashiro and realizes how much the people really hated her for not doing anything for them. She didn't know any better as Aoi and the others gave to her every whim. I think Mashiro will try to be a better queen for everyone once she comes back into power. I also think that Aoi isn't dead as no one saw her dead body at the bottom. Cliff deaths are usually the deaths that can be avoided the most. So Aoi isn't dead until I see her dead body. Also, I give Yukino props for stopping Hakura from doing something stupid. I think Hakura has a hard head since the rock splits into two. I also think that Otome isn't an alternate universe story as Miyu in Otome could be the same Miyu in Hime. Then there is Natsuki and Nao who managed to hate each other so badly but not to the point where they fight each other. The next episode will move the plot further with appearances of Arika, Nina, Chie, Shiho, Natsuki, Nao, Tomoe, and Midori.


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