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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Mai Otome 19

A rock creature emerges from the desert and almost eats a collasped Mashiro when one of the Aswad cyborgs killed it with ease. One of them was dragging the corpse when they noticed Mashiro and her Blue Sky Sapphire gem. Midori and the others were wondering what to do with Mashiro when Arika appeared and recognized her. Maria complains to Nagi about the soldiers around the school and Shizuru being imprisioned which he doesn't seem to care as he has that classes are still being taught. Also he says that the soliders are security to them since they can't use their Otome powers at that moment and the Schwarz could attack at any time. Maria tries to talk to Nagi again but Nina tells her to be respectful of Nagi. Maria tells Nina that she still has material to learn which Nina tells her that she wished for the Gem which Nagi approved of. She tells her that she will regret it later. Smith tells Nagi that he was surprised that he had the Ultimate Black Diamond which Nagi tells him that trump cards are only useful when you save them at the end. He mentions if they had Arika and Mashiro that they would have the true trump card. Mashiro wakes up to see Mikoto on her and Arika came in to give her some water. Arika tells her that she's in the Aswad village which she was also picked up by them with Mikoto. Mashiro mentions that she known the Aswad as a cursed people which Reito resented as they could have killed them since they got close to their village. Mashiro says that she isn't the queen and Arika is but Arika refuses to believe it because it came from Sergay. Midori orders Arika to get some food for Mashiro and talks to Mashiro how Arika was like a doll when they found her. Arika pulls out the bandage that Erstin left behind and cries alone. Mashiro asks Midori what they are going to do to Arika which she says to her that are you really not the queen. Mashiro says that she doesn't know and doesn't care which she goes saying that she lost everything and don't speak like you know her, old woman to Midori. She tells Mashiro that she's only 17 years old. Arika was looking into a pot of water when a kid on a crutch calls her Anty just like Sergay did. The kids want to play with Arika which she knocks down the kid with the crutch named Ruo. She tries to help him up but Midori tells him to get up on his own which he managed to do. Mashiro notices how everyone loves Midori who inherited the previous leader's bloodline but she gained their trust through her own actions. Midori tells Arika that she needs to talk to her later. Meanwhile, Nao and Natsuki are trying to reach the captial of Airies which they tried to hitch a ride. Nao forces Natsuki to be the one to get someone's attention as she tries to get someone to stop with a sexy pose. Then Nao decided to cut Natsuki's pants with a nail file which gets a truck to stop but they didn't expect to be surrounded by soliders and get arrested for public indecency and corruption of public morals.

Tomoe bribes a guard in order to see Shizuru. Irina asks Nina if she knows anything about Arika and Erstin which she doesn't give her a truthful answer. Chie wishes for the old days with Nao, Shiho, and Akane while she writes a journal. Shiho has Yayoi and Lilie helping her to spiral everyone for her misfortune. Midori asks Arika how she had the Sapphire which she said that it was a memento from her mother. She believes that Rena is her mother which makes Reito apologize to her for killing Rena 15 years ago. He tells them that they raided Fuka Castle with the Schwarz under the guidance of the home secretary who wanted to kill the king. Reito killed Rena who had lost her powers at that point and fought honorably for the king. Mashiro asked why they are apologizing now which Reito answered that the Aswad treated their battles with honor. They couldn't protect her corpse as Smith took it from them and because of that, the Aswad and the Schwarz became seperate from them. Midori asks Arika if she knew how the Gems and nano-machines are created which she didn't. Midori mentions that the founder's body is kept in a casket at the basement of the mausoleum. Fumi is the master of the Five Columns and the students as she creates the Coral and Pearl Gems for the students. Midori mentions that in order to be a source, you need the body of an Otome who became a mother which is the reason why Smith took Rena's body so he could oppose Fumi and be the new founder of the Otome. Smith managed to create a new Gem with Youko's research data which Nagi wants to test it on some of the students. He wants Nina to collect some students but Sergay wants to do it instead as they would misjudge Nina's actions and a chance to regain the good side of Nagi. Midori tells Arika and Mashiro that the planet was filled with life but the weapons used during the 12 Kingdoms War destroyed most of the life on the planet. These same weapons destroyed the home of the Aswad and caused an illness among the survivors. This illness is the reason why the Aswad are considered to be a cursed people. Ruo has the illness already active along with Reito and the other cyborgs. He and the others became cyborgs in order to save their lives from the illness but they considered to be the living dead. Midori says that the only cure to the illness is the nano-machines that Gardenrobe kept under lock and key and that her illness triggered at the age of 17 which she survived with her REM. The REM was based on a Gem which makes her stay at the age of 17 forever but it's unstable. She wants the power and wisdom of Gardenrobe which she wants to use Arika and Mashiro in order to achieve that goal. Arika refuses to be an Otome anymore and runs away with Mashiro chasing after her. One of the other cyborgs appears and tells Midori that they received a message from Cardair. Mikoto tackles Arika to the ground which Mashiro sees her crying. Before Mashiro could talk to Arika, they get swallowed by a rock creature.

This episode we learned some things about the Aswad as they want Gardenrobe's technology to save themselves from the illness that plagued their people since the end of the 12 Kingdoms War. They were the ones along with the Schwarz that raided Fuka Castle 15 years ago in order to get the technology which Reito killed Rena in battle. Smith took her corpse for his plan to control the Otome. I doubt Midori is really 17 but much older than that. Her body may have stop aging but time still adds on to the years. Nina right now has given up on her friends as she refused to answer Irina's question about Arika and Erstin. She's in her little world right now with Nagi controlling her like a puppet. Arika decided to not to become an Otome anymore since the incident with Erstin caused her to see the ugly truth of reality. She promised that she would stop all wars and that no Otome would have to fight each other but reality gave her a swift kick in the ass on that one. I liked the scene with Natsuki and Nao trying to hitch a ride to the Airies capital which was a homage to Hime as Mai and Natsuki were trying to hitch a ride back to the school. Mai didn't cut Natsuki's pants like Nao did but they managed to get Natsuki to play the hitch a ride girl. The next episode has Arika and Mashiro trying to escape from the rock creature while Nao and Natsuki meet with Yukino and Haruka. Also, Tomoe becomes a test subject for Nagi's new Gems while the country of Argos take some action on the current situation.


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